23 Easy Paleo Dinners—10 Minutes (No Recipes Required)

23 Easy Paleo Dinners—10 Minutes (No Recipes Required)

23 Easy Paleo Dinners—10 Minutes (No Recipes Required)

You like the IDEA of “eating healthy,” but when it comes down to time, motivation and money, sometimes frozen dinners, Whataburger, canned tuna, or (no-cook) peanut butter from the jar win.

“Eating healthy is such a chore!” you say. Or, “If only healthy eating was more convenient, then I’d do it…”

Couple this dilemma with the endeavor to “eat real foods” (like Paleo) or “make good choices,” and the words “EASY” (and “delicious”) are the LAST thoughts that crosses your mind…Until now.

Just because time, motivation or money ARE NOT on your side right now, doesn’t mean that “healthy eating” and “gut friendly foods” has to go out the window—(especially with these 30 easy paleo-friendly dinners.

The best part? No recipes required!

Before we get to the fun though, here are 4 Game-Changing Meal Prep Hacks (to Save Time & Money).

Make “healthy eating” work for you (without spending hours in the kitchen or burning a hole in your wallet).

4 Game-Changing Meal Prep Hacks (to Save Time & Money)

    1. Prep As You Go.
      Instead of feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought of spending all day Sunday in the kitchen, break it up in bite sized chunks. Pencil in 2 to 3 days out of the week to spend 20 to 60 minutes (at most) in the kitchen. This could be while you’re at home watching “Game of Thrones,” reading or studying, or simultaneously prepping your dinner or lunch for the next day. During your “meal prep” times, pick out 2 to 3 simple foods to batch cook (like baked chicken thighs, sweet potato chips, crockpot pulled pork, or roasted Brussel’s sprouts). While it may take the food itself 45 to 60 minutes to cook in the oven, ALL it takes is about 5 to 15 minutes of your time to place these foods in a pan or in the stove. Then the food cooks itself. Similar to doing laundry at home, you can do OTHER things without devoting all the time to the kitchen.
    1. Pre-Made Foods.
      Stock up on several “pre-made” or simple foods that cook in a flash. In other words: Assembly-Only is required. Some ideas to make tons of different meals from:Easy Peasy Kitchen Staples:

      • Hardboiled Eggs from the salad bar (or organic hardboiled eggs in a bag)
      • Pastured Eggs (3-minutes people!)
      • Rotisserie Chickens (no additives or chemicals)
      • Canned Wild Salmon, Sardines or Tuna (my fave)
      • Pre-Grilled Chicken OR Salmon (from a trusted cold-case)
      • Organic Deli Meat (turkey, ham, etc.)
      • Frozen Organic Chicken & Turkey Sausages or Turkey Bacon
      • Organic Frozen or Fresh Burger Patties (no additives)
      • Frozen Veggies [Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, Asian Medley (no additives)]
      • Beef Isolate Protein Powder or Collagen Peptides
      • Boxes of Greens (spinach, power greens, etc.)—for salads and cooking
      • Bone Broth (use code: Thrive for 10% off)
      • Coconut Butter, Natural Nutbutters or Sun Butter
      • Healthy Fats: Avocados, Avocado May , Primal Salad Dressings , Raw Nuts & Seeds
      • Sweet Potatoes (you can nuke in microwave in 5-10 minutes)
      • Pre-Cut Veggies & Simple Produce (Zucchini, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Apples
      • Grass-fed Plain Greek Yogurt or Goat’s Milk Yogurt
      • Bulletproof Bars, Jerky or Primal Kitchen Bars
    1. Outsource 1-Meal. There are TONS of awesome delivery services now that bring real whole foods to your doorstep (already made). Consider outsourcing ONE meal to a delivery service to take the thought and prep out of it. A few of my faves?
      1. Trifecta Nutrition
      2. Pete’s Paleo
      3. The Good Kitchen
    1. Get into a Routine. Variety IS the spice of life. However, when it comes to practicality, variety can feel a little overwhelming. Each week pick 2 rotating breakfast ideas and 2 rotating lunch ideas (or do leftovers from dinner) to keep things tame (and less overwhelming).

    23 Easy Paleo Dinners-No Recipes Required

    Now for your (no recipe required) delicious dinner ideas! Bonus: Make double and have enough for breakfast or lunch the next day.

        1. Cheesy” Eggs: Scrambled Eggs in Ghee with Mushrooms, Spinach, Avocado & Nutritional Yeast
        2. Tuna Wrap: Wild Caught Tuna + Avocado Oil Mayo + Celery + Dried Cranberries in Collard Green Wrap
        3. Field Salad: Mixed Greens with Rotisserie Chicken + Strawberries + Paleo Caesar Dressing + Pumpkin Seeds
        4. Sliders: Burger Patties (cook 4-minutes each side with sea salt, pepper & coconut amigos) + Avocado + Sweet Potato “Chips” (slice a microwave- softened sweet potato into “chips” and cook in oven at 400-degrees for 10-minutes)
        5. Snappy Salmon: Wild Caught Canned Salmon + Avocado + Pan Stir-Fried Zucchini, Asparagus & Yellow Squash in Coconut Oil
        6. Deli Rollups: Organic Deli Ham & Turkey + Celery + Sunbutter + Unsweetened Cinnamon Applesauce
        7. Pan “Fried” Chicken: Chicken Tenders + Cauliflower Mash + Sautéed Greens (Dip in coconut milk and then coconut flour with sea salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder; fry in pan in ghee or coconut oil; for mash: steam cauliflower florets with splash of water in microwave safe bowl, 5-7 minutes, blend in food processor with butter or coconut milk)
        8. Ham & “Cheese:” Organic Ham + Frozen Broccoli + Ghee & Nutritional Yeast + Butternut Squash (Soften squash and broccoli in separate pans on stove in ghee; add nutritional yeast as desired, shred ham into mix)
        9. Chicken Sausage: Organic Chicken Sausage + Stir Fried Mushrooms & Bell Peppers (in ghee)
        10. Fish Tacos: Pan-seared Cod with Garlic Salt & Dill+ Coconut Flour Tortilla + Sauerkraut + Guacamole + Peach Slices
        11. Tacos: Ground Beef + Taco Seasoning (1/4 tsp oregano, turmeric, sea salt, garlic, onion powder) + Lettuce Wraps + Olives, Nutritional Yeast, Avocado
        12. Greek Salad: Romaine Lettuce + Grilled Chicken + Cucumbers + Tomatoes + Oil & Vinegar + Grass-fed Goat Cheese + Kalmata Olives
        13. Bone Broth Soup: Bone Broth + Pulled Chicken + Softened Veggies (carrots, spinach, zucchini) + Grass-fed Butter
        14. Meatballs: Ground Bison (mixed with coconut aminos, sea salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, pan fried in golf ball shapes on stove) + Roasted Brussels Sprouts (pan fry in coconut oil with sea salt and pepper) + Paleo Honey Mustard
        15. Egg “Salad:” Hardboiled Eggs + Avocado Mayo + Open-Face Mikey’s Muffin (coconut flour muffin) or Cucumbers
        16. Quesadilla:” Coconut Flour Tortillas + Pulled Chicken + Avocado + Spinach in pan on stove
        17. Parfait: Grass-fed Goat’s Milk Yogurt or Greek Yogurt + Frozen Berries + Raw Macadamia Nuts
        18. Herb Crusted Salmon: Salmon (with Basil + Sea Salt + Dijon Mustard + 1 tbsp. coconut flour) + Sweet Potato + Power Greens (pan fry salmon for 4-minutes each side or bake salmon at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes with basil, dijon and sea salt)
        19. Stir Fry: Frozen Asian Veggie Medley + Cauliflower Rice (pre-riced) + Shrimp or Chicken + Coconut Aminos, Ginger and Garlic Salt (stir fry “rice” and veggies in separate pans; add spices you like; top off with protein)
        20. Stuffed Potato: Sweet potato + Ground Turkey + Coconut Butter + Spinach + Cinnamon (nuke sweet potato for 6 to 7 minutes while browning meat with coconut aminos, sea salt and pepper). Stuff potato with turkey, coconut butter and sautéed greens. Top with cinnamon.
        21. Crispy Chicken Thighs: Organic Chicken Thighs + Rainbow Chard + Steamed Beets (in coconut oil and cinnamon) (pan-fry chicken thighs with sea salt, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and Italian seasoning; in a separate pans sauté chard in coconut oil; buy beets pre-steamed on salad bar or Love Beets)
        22. Smoothie: Lite Canned Coconut Milk (a little less thick) + Beef Isolate + Spinach + 1/2 Banana + 1/3 Avocado or 1 Tbsp. Nutbutter
        23. Shredded Pork Carnitas: Pulled Pork or Chicken (pre-made from crockpot or rotisserie) + Plantains + Asparagus (pan fry plantains in coconut oil with cinnamon on top).

    Dinner is served…

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