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Grab your FREE 7-Day Gut-Healing Cleanse to start thriving (from the inside out) today
(NO crazy stupid juice cleanses included!) 

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Does Spot Training Work? (Plus: 5-Minute Tank Top Arms)

Summer is on the horizon, which means: Flip flops, possibly some sand and sun, and tank tops (although we’ve been wearing those since February in Austin). “How do I get more toned arms?” Hate to break it to you, but “spot training” does not exist. Just like if you...

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15 Processed Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Growing up, I loved grocery shopping with my mom. Unlike many kids beg who their mom to NOT go to the store, I was always on board for playing right wing woman. Standing on the back end of the cart, holding on for dear life, grocery shopping was like a maze and game,...

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