Putting on my Big Girl Pants & 20-Something Proverbs for Life

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When you grow up, you have to do grown up things.


Laundry. Car maintenance. Work. Taxes. Bills.






This week, I’m officially more of a ‘grown-up’ (earning those wings hurdle by hurdle).


I paid off my first bill on my student loan… with only about $15,000 more to go.


How daunting does that sound?




Nevertheless, it feels good to be making my own way through these 20-somethings: Paying my own bills, and ’figuring life out.’


That being said, ‘figuring life out’ is most definitely a right of passage for 20-somethings—and something that has definitely become easier the more my 20s have progressed.




20-somethings are typically recognized as persons with strong intentions to be successful in all aspects of their lives. And in the same breath, 20-somethings are apt to experience an incredible amount of pressure, expectations, confusion, and anxiety that come with feeling like they have to ‘figure it all out.’


From education and career pursuits, independent living, making relationships, becoming more confident in who you are, chasing dreams, finding your ‘soul’ mate, earning a living, feeling good in your own skin, being ‘somebody’, building your personal brand, and more—you’re faced with a heck of a lot of decision making and ‘figuring out’ in your 20s.


I totally get it. Been there, got the t-shirt.


Throughout much of my 20’s, I fell into the trap that I was supposed to have a plan for my entire life, and put an extraordinary amount of pressure on myself.





Paying my first student loan bill this week was a great reminder to myself that ‘figuring it out’ comes with the territory and is a right of passage that comes with time.


I was not really prepared to receive that student loan bill in my e-mail this week (I actually forgot about it kicking in this month!), but nevertheless, I put on my big girl pants and did what I needed to do: I shifted my monthly budget around a bit (no Lululemon speed tights for me this month), clicked the submit button, and now, am debt free for the rest of the month with the Great Lakes Borrowing company.


Bada bing, bada boom.


If you’re a 20-something (even teen, 30-someething, 40-something, and beyond!), life can feel overwhelming at times, and we often have to do things or experience things we don’t always want to do (from paying bills, to applying for school or jobs, experiencing loss or rejection, striving for our dreams, and more).


In that case, take the words of encouragement—my ‘20-something Proverbs’—listed below to heart. And, while you’re at it, check out Jessica’s Daily Affirmation video to get your week going (Because you are really great!).




Proverbs for 20-Something (and beyond):


Speak to yourself in more loving and encouraging ways. Your inner dialogue is the most powerful voice you hear. Turn down the volume of the critic so the voice of your inner knowing gets louder.


Smile and laugh. A lot.




Do only the best you can. Striving for ways to be ‘more, better or different’ is NOT the formula for success.


You think it is motivating you to create results, but it is completely exhausting.


Do one thing a day that scares you.




Do what you love and love what you do—don’t settle.


Look for what inspires you rather than what drives you. Allow your curiosity to lead you.


You know that guy you desperately want to like you? In five years you won’t even remember his name.


You know that job you are super bummed about not getting? There is a way better opportunity coming around soon.


Pay if forward. Have a generous heart. That is how you make a difference in the world.


Be kind to your body. Stop obsessing over it. Stop trying to make it into some perfect image of what you think it should be. You look fantastic! Take lots of pictures and wear bikinis more often.




“No” is a sentence. No apologies or justifications necessary.


Don’t be so indecisive. The decisions you are making are not the ‘end all, be all’ decisions. Choose what feels the best for right now and trust you will learn from each choice you make.


You will find your passion and purpose. Everything you go through now is a piece of the puzzle.




Occasionally, figuring out what you want is a process of elimination. Experiment and try new and different things. Changing your mind is quite alright.


Tend to your friendships. They are the family you get to choose. Grow and spur one another on together.


Make a list of 3 things you are thankful for daily.


Stop caring so much what other people think about you. People are always going to have opinions. So what!? It’s impossible to please everyone or be liked by everyone.


Ask for help and support. You do not have to figure everything out on you own.


Take compliments.


You are doing the best you can. And so is everyone else.


Enjoy the present moment. Your mind is always in the future.




Forgive – it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give others and yourself.


You are not alone. So many other people feel the same way you do.


Rejection happens for a reason—there’s something around the corner.


Each step is moving you forward, even if you feel like you’re moving backward.


Breathe. Slow down. Take your time.


It will all work out.




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