Feeling like the Grinch-and Getting Over It

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Christmas Shopping

I am so over shopping.


I tend to feel this way every year.


I don’t mean to sound like the Grinch, but by the time Christmas Day rolls around I am worn out from hunting for the ‘perfect gift’ for everyone on my list.




Now, don’t get me wrong. I honestly LOVE giving more than receiving and it is kinda fun to play a little elf when everything is said and done—but keeping those elbows up amidst the crowds, and the traffic and the boundless field trips to various stores is pretty exhausting.


Nevertheless, it is ‘finished’ and Christmas is here! (judging by the time of this post, Santa may have a tough time coming to my house because I have been staying up way too late).


Tonight, I watched this video and it is a great reminder of what the season, the day, is really all about: Hope.


Hope came down at Christmas time, and Christmas is a reminder of the hope we all have in Christ (freedom from bondage and addiction; restoration from brokenness; beauty from ashes; and simply put: redemption from feelings of hopelessness).


Regardless of what you believe or celebrate today, check out this beautiful ‘work of art’ yourself…



From the beginning of time, Christmas was planned all along!


Through many human ‘trials and errors’ and lessons learned the hard way (think: Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Moses and the Red Sea), over hundreds of years, many humans had to stubbornly experience the ‘school of hard knocks’ on their own terms in order to see that, yes, they did indeed need hope outside of themselves.


Rightly so, life was NEVER promised to be easy (there will always be bills to pay, circumstances that happen, jobs that are lost or promotions not won, relationships that don’t work out, financial stress, aches and pains, etc.)…but it was promised to be worth it with an eternal perspective in mind.






Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!


On a side note: Remember to enjoy yourself, your family, your friends, some good food and downtime.


You will not look back and think, “I really wish I would have spent the day doing my usual routine”—so go with it, even if some aspects of it may be uncomfortable (like time spent with your ‘Cousin Eddy’—from ‘National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation’ of course, or not getting in your usual meaty workout, or smiling and thanking Aunt Bethany for the tacky Christmas sweater).


Cousin Eddy At One Of His 'Finest' Moments
Cousin Eddy at one of his ‘finest’ moments


You will more than likely one day look back and wish you had more time with the people you are with this week and weekend.


Carpe diem—seize the day—and remember what today is really all about: Hope has come.



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