Get Coached! [Julia Roberts, Beyonce & Steve Jobs' Secret to Success]

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.



“Goals” are one of those buzzwords right now that gets tossed around in the health and wellness community, like the phrase “What’s up?!”, or moreover, “Life Coach” and “Life Coaching” (Especially here in Austin, Texas where visionaries and game changers run amuck!).


“What are your goals right now?”


“What goals are you working towards?”


“What goals do you want to achieve?”


For a reformed perfectionist, like myself, who used to be constantly striving and working towards something—never good enough, the notion of goals can be downright exhausting sometimes.


In every single facet of your life, there is room for goals to be had; Consider:


  • Finances
  • Relationships and social life
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Career
  • Soul and spirit


Sometimes, quite honestly, I just want to BE.


Not have to work towards anything; or work towards improving something; or strive to be somewhere I am not right now…


And, while this may sound completely counterintuitive to the line of work I am in—(coaching and guiding others around their goals; challenging others to explore their goals), I promise I am no Scrooge when it comes to goals.


Rather, I think the concept of goals has simply become watered down the more that word is tossed around—



So much to the point that people (including myself) tend to check out when it comes to the power of what this concept can and does really mean…


  • We connect goals with New Years’ Resolutions—calling them bogus and not lasting
  • We get excited about the thought of a goal…but when it comes to taking action steps, we’ll leave those for tomorrow
  • We have an idea of what we want, but have NO IDEA how to get there, so we resolve to just settle with whatever cards we’ve been dealt
  • We have momentum in our goals, and change, for…3-30 days, but then quickly lose steam, motivation and vision for where we are going (or wanted to go)
  • We have no idea what it is we really want—we’ve been so bogged down in just trying to get by in…our finances, relationships, j-o-b, current health, fitness, etc.


We resolve: Goals are overrated…and thus, the sound of the word: ‘Goals’ makes us want to gag.


This past month, I have been on a mission to redeem the concept of goals and goal setting (and attaining) for myself.


I hired a coach.


My own coach. And actually, not just one coach, but two coaches.


For the first time really since I’ve been in recovery (wherein I half-heartedly worked with ‘coaches’ such as therapists and nutritionists for many years in my struggle and striving to ‘get better’), I decided to open up to getting my own coach for two primary areas of my life: Self-care and business.


Where did this decision come about?


Recently, in reading an excellent book called “The Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler (#AmazonPrimeAddiction), I was convicted by one chapter in particular in which he writes:


“Every coach needs a coach of their own.”


Ping! It hit me…if I am working with and coaching others in their lives, around their health, their wellness, their goals, their visions…who am I personally working with in those same areas of my life?


I felt exactly like you do when it comes to weighing and balancing what it really is I want in my life:


  • “Eh…I think a coach could be cool, but I don’t really need a coach”;


  • “I know I want to achieve XYZ (You insert: “weight loss, weight gain, recovery, more peace with myself, get over these disordered thoughts/behaviors, etc.)…but I can do that on my own”;


  • I want to save money—a coach costs money;


  • How will he or she really know me and what it is I need? Will we even click?


Choosing to work with another individual around areas of your life that are near and dear to your heart (be it your business, health, fitness, food, body image, self-care, relationships)…However, something I’ve learned thus far in the process?


EVERYONE needs a coach.


Well…Maybe NOT this kind of coach…


Everyone needs a coach, that is, if you want to continue to grow, mold, shape and develop in your own life.


I hired one coach for my business development and growth. As I continue to work towards opening up a healing therapy and wellness center for individuals around the globe, as well as grow and shape my own private practice, working with a coach who’s expertise is in business growth and development is a no-brainer.


Likewise, for my own personal goals around continued self-care, health and fitness, I hired a coach out of OPEX (Optimum Performance Experience) to help me continue to get better—in all those areas! No more plateaus or spinning my wheels in the gym, strength progression, a little voice reminder to ensure I am getting enough sleep and nourishing my body well with variety, balance and energy.


And the results thus far?




Probably the most at peace I’ve been in both these areas—business and self-care for quite sometime.


The primary reason?


No matter who you are, there’s something about the power of another individual’s insights, guidance and support in your own life.


You don’t feel like you have to go it alone.


I’ve used this statistic once before, but I’ll say it again:


The happiest people in life have people in their lives…in fact 6-7 hours worth of social connection each day (being around people) yields those who are most happy.


From a coaching point of view, connection with another individual who is your number one fan, who believes in you, and can help you problem solve how to ‘get there’, when you have no clue how (or have a clue, but are NOT taking the action steps) is unparalleled by the other option: Going it alone.


So I ask you this: Who is your coach?


Paid or not paid. This may also be a mentor. (However, there is something about investing in a coach that has allowed me to take this whole coaching thing more seriously).


Moreover…reflect for a second about those coaches, those people, in your own life who have made a tremendous influence through their guidance and support.


What about them stood out? What did you learn? Where are you now because of your trust and work with them?


Beyonce has had vocal coaches. Julia Roberts, acting coaches. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, basketball coaches. Steve Jobs, a business coach. Michael Hyatt, Steve Chandler, Brendon Burchard—marketing, business and motivational speaking coaches.


And you?


I was on the fence about it…but am now a believer, and you should be too.


Want to get better? Stop staying stuck? Gain insight and motivation in ‘getting there’—wherever there is?


Get a coach.

Enhance your health, build a champion mindset, live your passion, get over your struggles and uncover your greater purpose through a customized THRIVE plan of attack, aligned with helping you get to where you want to be.


Shoot me an email at [email protected] for any questions you may have, or to schedule a free consult today if you have nutrition, fitness, lifestyle or self-development goals. I work 1:1 with individuals, empowering them to boldly claim what it means to thrive in their own lives.

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