You know your blood type, your body type and your skin type…but what about your gut type?

Most people are prone to one of the 5 main gut types—kind of like we are prone to being an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph or having oily, normal or dry skin.

The 6 Gut Types include:

  1. Stressed Gut (anxiety, type a, driven, overthinking, thyroid/hormone imbalances, adrenal)
  2. Immune Gut (leaky gut, allergies, skin problems, cancer)
  3. Gastric Gut (acid reflux, Gerd, stomach bloating)
  4. Dysbiotic Gut (yeast, SIBO, constipation)
  5. Toxic Gut (liver, gallbladder)
  6. Inflammed Gut (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, non-gut related symptoms)