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From 7 chronic conditions, 1000s of dollars and doctors who had no clue… to healing my gut, breaking free and helping others do the same with my 5-Step Method!

  • 1. Synergy + Direction (Blueprint Lite)
  • 2. Kickstart (Establish Baseline; Guide)
  • 3. Full Body Blueprint
  • 4. Establish Balance
  • 5. Resolution


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Services We Offer

  • Functional MedicineFunctional Medicine
  • Health CoachingHealth Coaching
  • Lifestyle TherapyLifestyle Therapy
  • Lab TestingLab Testing
  • Smart SupplementationSupplementation
  • Custom ProgramsGroup & 1:1 Custom Programs
  • Custom NutritionCustom Nutrition & Fitness

Dr. Lauryn is a doctor of occupational therapy & nutritionist who uses functional medicine, nutrition & lifestyle solutions as her first line of approach.


What Others Are Saying

Kelly Testimonial

Kelly Testimonial

You know what happened after I worked with Dr. Lauryn? I sent my Hashimoto's into remission and I feel better than I ever have! - Kelly

Melissa Testimonial

Melissa Testimonial

Dr. Lauryn taught me, when given the right tools, our bodies innately want to heal themselves. My 7 year battle with my gut and hormones are now in the rearview.- Melissa



After losing my period for 3 years, I got it back and feel stronger and more confident in my own skin!" -Natalie

Full Body Blueprint

Download a Full
Body Blueprint

Get a sneak peak of a sample customized
full body blueprint complete with nutrition,
lifestyle and supplement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the “Total Gut Reset” group program invites clients to experience many of the same benefits of our 1:1 program within the context of group support—alongside other likeminded individuals. Contact us for more information about joining.

This is a “NOT one-size-fits-all” approach thing. We customize our treatments and protocols for every one of our patients.

We strive to give you the tools, information, education and resources you need to take your health back into your own hands. Part of your work towards wellness may include diagnostic testing and assessments to help get to the root of any health or lifestyle imbalances you may be experiencing. Under our nutrition and functional medicine services and scope of practice, we offer a variety of lab testing assessments for our patients that are intended to give you more informed information on your own health and wellness, including:

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
DUTCH Hormone/Cortisol Testing
Organic Acids Testing
Functional Blood Chemistry Testing
Genetic TestingSIBO Breath Testing
Heavy Metals Testing
Nutrient Elements Testing
Food Intolerance Testing
Mold Testing

We do not take insurance of any kind, including Medicare, for our functional medicine services. We can however accept HSA accounts, as well as provide you with a paid insurance invoice (“super-bill”) after each appointment for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You will need to check with your insurance company for their guidelines on what they will reimburse to you.

We do accept limited insurance coverage for our coaching and occupational therapy services and may be able deduct a portion of your payments from your insurance coverage if your plan is in network. We are in network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana in Texas. It is always best to verify your own benefits specifically for “occupational therapy services” with your own provider as well as any co-pay’s associated with your visits.

Our thorough process is designed to save you time and money in the long run, as we aim to leave no stone unturned in your care and treatment process. Most clients plan to invest between $600-$6000 in their treatment process, depending on your circumstances. For a detailed overview of our appointment rates and costs, please visit our Policy, Rates & Procedures page.

Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments with clients worldwide. We also invite out of town clients to visit Austin for their Case Review “Report of Findings” Appointment if desired.

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