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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could:

  • Eat what you love without guilt
  • Reinvent the way your body looks, moves and feels
  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Quit Google searching your health questions & know exactly what to do to heal your body instead
  • Get rid of bloating & constipation, anxiety, adult acne, allergies, PMS or your slow metabolism (for good)

You can. I’m here to help you thrive.
So, let’s link arms together and let’s go!

“Even though I was eating healthy, something was not right. I thought bloating and constipation would always be my norm. Dr. Lauryn helped me get to the root, instead of just taking a TUMS or laxatives, and no longer fear how food makes me feel.”



After 10 years of battling my body, my weight and food, I finally can confidently say I feel more free than I’ve ever been. Dr. Lauryn taught me what it means to nourish my body, and more importantly my mindset, instead of constantly beating it down.


Becoming a Client: 3 Steps

Step 1: Initial Assessment- $395*

Every New Client begins with the Initial Assessment.  Meet with Dr. Lauryn via phone, video or in-person appointment so she can get to know you, your goals, chief complaints, health history, and current lifestyle factors, as well as what you’re looking for in seeing a healthcare practitioner.  It includes the following:

  • 60 Minute Comprehensive Health, Body & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Evaluation of your Medical History, Former Lab Work (if any) & Current Lifestyle Factors
  • Answers to Your Top Health Questions
  • Clinical Lab Recommendations, if necessary
  • Followup Appointment #1 to Review Your Initial Plan Together

*Rate includes BOTH Initial Assessment & Followup Appointment #1

Step 2*: Followup Appointment #1 

After your Intake Assessment, meet with Dr. Lauryn 3-7 days later for a 60-Minute Follow-up Appointment  to review your Custom Thrive Blueprint together, discuss clinical findings and start your healing journey. Your Blueprint is your “game plan” for improving your health & reaching your goals. It includes the following:

  • Initial Intake Analysis & Summary
  • Custom Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplement Protocol
  • Meal Ideas, Grocery List & Easy Recipes
  • Fitness Protocol & 30-Day Training Program (Optional)
  • Lab Testing Recommendations, if necessary
  • Option to Choose Program Path for putting plan in action

 The session cost of Followup Appointment #1 is included in the Initial Assessment

Step 3: Choose Your Program Path

Where the “magic” (to feeling amazing) happens…

Scroll down to learn more about each program

“Do It Yourself” Includes:

  • Access to Thrive App & 30 Day Thrive Program Online
  • Weekly Recipes, Meal Plan, Workouts, Mindset Missions & Bodywise Tips
  • Access to Monthly Meetups & Zoom Call Q&A’s with Dr. Lauryn
  • Option to Book 1:1 Single Sessions as Needed at Pro-Rated Hourly Session Rate ($160/hour, $99/30-minutes)
  • Option to Join Support Groups: Body Love + Food Freedom, Gut Love, Autoimmune Recovery, Anxiety
  • Investment: Starting at $29/month

The 30-Day Kickstart Includes:

  • 2 x Follow-Ups 60-Minute Check-In & Education Sessions (Optional Grocery Shop & Meal Prep Sessions)
  • 30-Minute Lab Analysis or Check-In Session (if no labs)  + Updates to Your Custom Plan
  • Nutrition Resources  4-Week Custom Meal Plan, Recipes & Grocery List
  • Access to Thrive App & 30 Day Thrive Program Online
  • 10% Off Supplements & Labs
  • Special Rate on any Single Followup Sessions when 30-Days Ends
  • Investment: $597


One-on-One Coaching Includes:

  • 2-4 Sessions Each Month Therapy, Nutrition & Functional Medicine Sessions each month (30-60 Minutes) over the course of 3-months
  • Ongoing Email Support
  • Tons of Custom Resources, & Tools Weekly Meal Ideas, Recipes, Thrive Projects, Accountability Education, Body & Mindset Challenges, & Fitness Plan (optional)
  • Access to Thrive App & 30 Day Thrive Program Online
  • 10% Off Supplements, Labs & Home Meal Delivery Service
  • Investment: Starting at $295-$697/mo* (frequency of meetings & session length determines monthly rate)


No clue what to choose? No worries! After your Initial Intake Appointment, we’ll decide the best path for you! Here’s a peek at how we may work together:

  • Healing Your Gut (SIBO, Constipation, IBS, GERD, Gut Testing)
  • Figuring Out Food Intolerances
  • Eating Disorders & Healing from the “Diet Mentality”
  • Boosting Your Body-Image, Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Resetting Your Metabolism & Finding Your Healthy Weight
  • Balancing Hormone & Thyroid Health (Amenorrhea, PMS, Menopause, Infertility)
  • Busting Anxiety, Depression, “Adrenal Fatigue,” & Chronic Stress
  • Auto-Immune Disease Remission
  • Detoxing (without Restrictive Dieting)
  • Healing Allergies & Skin Conditions
  • Performance & Fitness Nutrition
  • Children & Teen Health

*Sessions available in the Austin clinic or Remotely, via Phone/Video

There is NO “one size fits all” approach to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Enter: Thrive’s unique Lifestyle Design process, blending nutrition, functional medicine, and therapy into your custom plan-of-care. 



Call me your personal therapist, nutritionist, healthcare provider, wellness warrior. Together we’ll break old habits & mindsets, silence your inner mean girl and create the thriving life you were made for! Your best self, inside and out, is on the way.

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