My Story: Dieting Begins

My Story: Dieting Begins

My Story: Dieting Begins

Be kind to everyone you meet. EVERYONE is fighting their own battle…

Happy on the outside…Dying on the inside…

As soon as my diet began at age 10, no one knew what was up…except me…

I dieted for 6 months straight—avoiding as much fat as possible—before anyone realized something deeper was going on…my eyes got dark circles around them, my skin became pale, hair started falling out in the shower, and an oddpeach fuzz type hair began to grow on my body…

Finally, when I was “diagnosed,” my identity QUICKLY transitioned to “Lauryn…that girl with an eating disorder,” and my parents tried everything they knew how to get me to eat. .

Home became a battlefield.

Mom packed my lunch, and I’d throw it away. If she snuck butter into my potatoes, or served my old fav spaghetti and meatsauce, I was on the floor kicking and screaming…Dad yelled in my face “JUST EAT THE OREO!” and I went to bed most nights with the “high” of feeling my stomach growling, and having nightmares about eating a whole pizza (and waking up and pinching myself: Did it really happen?).

Come the end of my 5th grade year, mom and dad surprised me  one day with an additional appointment to my doctor’s office…and I was unable to WATER LOAD before my usual weigh in. .

The result? .

I was about 5 pounds less than everyone thought, heart rate was in the 30’s.

“Sweetheart, you could die from this,” Dr. Portilla said.

11 years old me laughed inside, thinking: “I just want to feel good in my own skin…what’s so bad about that?”

At one pound above my personal 10-pound weight-loss goal weight, Dr. Portilla put my spiral to a stop…

Treatment began—4 weeks flat on my back in a hospital back to be exact (a position I’d quickly become VERY familiar with for years to come). To be continued…

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