Your Human Design Type: Understanding Why You Do What You Do

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

Imagine being able to understand your own human design, how you were meant to exist and how you were meant to interact with the world around you.

Enter: Human Design

Move over Enneagram and Myers Brigg’s! Human Design is a “personality” test (on steroids) that breaks down how you are genetically and spiritually wired to make decisions, contribute to the world, work, play parent, and partner. Whether you’re 50, 25 or 5 years old, there’s no time like the present to know who you are so you can show up in power and confidence to simply be you (because everyone else is already taken). 

5 Different Design Types in Human Design

There are 5 different human design types: 

  1. Manifestors
  2. Generators
  3. Manifesting Generators 
  4. Projectors
  5. Reflectors

Our birth date, time and place of birth determine how the cards are stacked for us within Human Design. Let’s briefly discuss each of the 5 types of human design. 

1. Manifestors

Human Design - Ayoung Woman Relaxing, Manifesting

Manifestors are the 10% of people who are here to create movements, to blaze trails. They are moved by emotions. If you’re a Manifestor, you’re at your best when you’re initiating projects and speaking up for what you believe in.

Manifestors need to be encouraged to talk about their intentions and what they want to do so they can get people who are 100% onboard to help them. They usually don’t have the energy themselves to carry a project all the way to completion; they’ll need a support group of Manifesting Generators and Generators to do the work.

Manifestors also need to be reminded to rest between projects and ideas and to avoid people pleasing, because this will sometimes prevent them from birthing their best ideas into the world or seeing  things through.

Manifestors aren’t really built for the traditional 9-to-5 life or group work, they love doing their own thing, which makes them ideally suited to be their own bosses or work in a flexible environment where they decide how the day is going to go and can get things done. Subconsciously they think: I’m my own boss and I make the rules. They need to leave room for spontaneity, since that’s when their most brilliant ideas find them.

For your workouts and nutrition, you prefer to do your own thing. Classes or challenges may not be your BFF. You march to the beat of your own drums and like to also try new things—like a new diet strategy or biohack. Experiment and focus on doing you. Your affirmation is:  I’m my own boss and I make the rules. 

Famous Manifestors: Frida Kahlo, Adele and Jennifer Aniston. 

2. Generators

Human Design - A Young Lady Happily Sitting Down, Holding A Cup Of Coffee

Generators are destined to build, create and get things done. This type is eager to respond to problems and challenges and fix them. They get inspiration when they see injustice happen or broken systems–like healthcare, education, politics or processes that need help.  In addition, they are also “gut people”–they make decisions based on their gut feelings and need encouragement to avoid overthinking or getting into their head (their gut often knows). The phrase “find what makes you happy and the rest will follow” was basically written for Generators.

When they’re doing something that lights them up and listening to their gut intuition, they create life force for everyone else around them. For career, they can do this in any career that truly excites them, whether it’s leading a yoga class or launching the next big tech startup. Generators need to avoid anything in life that dulls their sparkle and overcommitting, because that will seep into their work lives.

Manifesting their perfect career or daily schedule is as simple as taking inventory of the stuff they’re still saying yes to that should be a no. If they’re still going to Friday night dinners with their friends that drain them or working a job “because they should”, that could be cramping their style and preventing the universe from sending them the people that energize them or a job that’s a 100-percent hell yes. Learning to say no is important for all of us, but it’s especially true for this type.

As for health, since their strategy is to respond, Generators need to check in with their body each day to see what’s lighting them up in terms of a workouts and food. Generally, Generators do best with consistency and routine–regular meals and regular workouts.

However, if you like a consistent workout schedule, for example, and you’re not excited a particular day about working out, add an element that would make you excited that day–like a hip hop playlist, fun outfit, a new fitness class, etc.  The same thing goes with food–if you’re a Generator, check in with your gut and ask it what it wants and needs, instead of robotically eating the same exact foods every day.

Does broth or cooked veggies sound better, or a smoothie or a salad? Listen. A great affirmation for you is: When I focus on what brings me joy, I brighten and lift up everyone near by.

Famous Generators: Albert Einstein, Oprah, Beyonce, J. Lo and the Dali Lama.

3. Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators holds both a Manifestor and a Generator’s characteristics. Manifesting Generators are the ultimate “slashies”—you know, those people who have five different job descriptions on their business cards. Manifesting Generators are not the kind of people who decide they’re going to be an accountant at 18 and stay an accountant for the rest of their life.

They’re non-linear people who are interested in so many different things. Finding a way to explore lots of different passions at work is key. They work hard and have the ability to speak things into existence. To thrive, avoid overextending yourself and remind yourself, “it’s ok to change course” if circumstances, energy or passion changes. For your health, like the Generator, your strategy is to respond using gut feelings.

Check in each day with a workout that lights them up and uses that energy. Consume regular meals that inspire and are in proportion to energy expenditure. Days you’re more active, more carbs, protein and calories may be required; days you’re more sedentary and in “work mode”, lighter meals may feel best. To deal with stress, unschedule yourself and recharge your batteries.

Also remind yourself: Trying as many different things as possible is my birthright, I do so unapologetically. It’s ok to be you and have your tendencies..

Famous Manifesting Generators: Tony Robbins, Angelina Jolie, Mother Theresa. 

4. Projectors

Human Design - Ladies Being Happy Together - Projector

Projectors are helpers, encouragers, coaches and great project managers. Projectors find the most flow when they’re sharing their knowledge to help other people succeed. Every projector has a niche where they see something really clearly, and in a whole new way.

It isn’t so much about doing what they desire, it’s about helping other people advance their desires and do things better. Projectors try to embrace the hustle mentality, striving hard to make things happen. But that will never get them very far. They need to be invited before they share what they know. It’s not about pushing themselves on other people. 

Instead, they should work on honing their specific skill set and becoming confident in their expertise—if they do this, others will be naturally drawn to them. On the health front, you tend to need more rest–some days you may feel energy burst and other days you may feel more tired. Change up your workouts based on these days!

Higher energy days take advantage of running, a bit more challenging hike, or maybe a more challenging yoga class. With food, simple is best. You want food to be easy, so meal prep or routinely planning meals helps you feel in flow.

You also do best with protein throughout the day–make sure you’re eating enough. This will keep your battery going and prevent hypoglycemia.  To deal with stress, sleep and rest recharge you.

Your affirmation is:  Not everyone is meant to see me. It’s not personal when they don’t.

Famous Projectors: Queen Elizabeth, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana

5. Reflectors

Human Design - A Young Lady Guiding Her Elderly Client

Reflectors are extremely rare—only 1 percent of the population falls into this category. Their purpose in life is to act as a mirror for the rest of us. Reflectors are really in their power when they’re not attached to defining themselves.

The thing that sabotages them is trying to pick a career. They’re basically the lucky few who can—and should!—just drift along without a plan, and everything magically works out for them. If you’re not a Reflector, this gypsy-like approach to life may seem irresponsible.

And that’s the hardest part of living as this type—they often feel misunderstood. The conditioning from the outside world is that you have to know who you are, but Reflectors have to embrace that their nothingness is their power. For them, it’s ultimately about letting go of control and going down the stream of life. Alone time is extremely beneficial for reflectors for you to discharge energy. Within the context of health.

Reflectors have limited capacity to sustain energy so high impact exercises and extreme diets tend to be much more difficult on you. Gentle walks in nature, at-home yoga, breathwork, pilates, light strength training where you’re just using resistance bands instead of weights is perfect, along with a focus on nourishing versus elimination diets or cleansing; simply eating balanced, non-toxic foods; and pure water.

Also remind yourself, it’s ok to listen to body and go with the flow as you do best, you don’t necessarily need routine and can find healthy choices in the flow. For stress, time spent in nature recharges you and the mantra:  Just like the moon I go through phases. Flow. Famous Reflectors: Michael Jackson and Sandra Bullock.

Not Only One Human Design Type

Not one Human Design Type is “better” than others. Instead, when we know our Design Type it allows us to align ourselves with it and operate in our strengths in our decisions, relationships, careers and pursuits. 

Find out which Design Type you are here

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