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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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Meal prep can make or break your week when it comes to your healthy eating efforts.

A Saturday or Sunday afternoons spent baking chicken breasts, baking sweet potatoes, slow cooking pork tenderloin, grilling up some salmon, roasting veggies, prepping rice or oats can help prevent MANY “hangry” moments and save you money.

…But, face it, you’re a busy girl.

And when the sun is shining or you have a break from work, the last thing you want to do with your Saturday or Sunday is spend it…in the kitchen.

So what to do?

There’s a meal delivery service for that!

In recent years, meal delivery has gone beyond Pizza Hut or Chinese takeout.

Many companies have popped up nationwide, delivering pre-prepared meals directly to your door.

And although many diet companies, like Weight Watchers and Nutri-System capitalized spearheaded the “meal delivery” movement, today, prepared meals are no longer just confined to those wanting to lose weight.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a college student trying to survive dorm food, a mom with no time, or simply want to do anything else but meal prep, why not consider outsourcing?


Recently, I put my ego hat aside to consider giving a meal delivery service a try.

While I LOVE cooking my own easy, peasy meals, there are “those days” when the time it takes between grocery shopping, cooking and eating food seems like more of a chore.

I am BIG on maximizing my meal-prep efforts (often cooking once per day at dinner, and prepping my next day’s breakfast and lunch in the process), but somedays, I wish someone else would just cook for me.

Enter: Trifecta Nutrition.



The choir of angels sang with the delivery of my weekly box.

(Halleluiah!) Delivery for Lauryn:

  • Organic herb baked chicken breasts
  • Grass-fed Bison burgers
  • Wild-Caught herb baked salmon
  • Organic mashed white sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice

–All to pair with my own fresh greens and veggies, plus a dollop or two of coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil or avocado, to round out each meal.

With multiple meal plans and food options, you can choose from 1-4 meals/per day options and cuisines including:

  • “Clean” (includes some grains, like rice, oats, quiona)
  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Or, “Bulk” ordering (order, per pound, the meats, veggies and sides you like)

And, unlike many meal delivery services I’ve seen out there, the portion sizes are ACTUALLY accommodating to a normal human’s needs (i.e. no bird portions here).

In addition, if you have particular goals around your nutrition (such as fat loss, weight gain, athletic performance or simple thriving energy), meals and plans are accommodating to your efforts.



I ordered from the “Bulk” ordering menu—and was pretty impressed to find that the expense was pretty much equivalent to what I would spend in store.

Meals range from $6-$14/meal (depending on how much food you order, and your needs) and if you buy from the “Bulk” section in particular, you’re looking at no more than about $6-9/meal, even with a “higher-energy” demand type of diet.

In addition, you can’t beat free shipping.

The California-based whole-foods company delivers to all 50-states with free shipping and next-day arrival of their foods, packed with dry ice.



The best part?

While there is variety in their menu and dishes, Trifecta is big on the simplicity of real food (i.e. Making simple, real food taste amazing).

You know that saying, “It always tastes better when someone else makes it” (Be it: Your mom’s chicken soup or grilled cheese, your boyfriend’s steaks, or a dinner host’s grilled chicken)?

Trifecta made the chicken, salmon, bison burgers, rice and sweet potatoes taste better than I make ‘em.


I had the opportunity to speak to one of the co-founders, Greg Connolly, who ended up spending an hour of his busy day on the phone with me, simply sharing his passion and vision for helping make healthy eating convenient and affordable for our country.

“It’s so much easier to run through a drive thru when you’re busy, or to spend $2-3 on a cheeseburger and French fries, or a frozen dinner than to take the time to go to the grocery store, cook the food and make it taste good…It’s my mission to make eating well the main option—not the second option,” he said.

Adding, “We are working on being able to cut costs to where the average meal is $4—and that’s still with good food and quality ingredients. It’s coming.”

A company for the good of the people?

Now, that’s something I can get behind.

If you’re not digging the “meal prep thing” or looking for some alternative options to have on hand for a few meals during the week, check out Trifecta.


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