If Mean Girls Was Set in the Present Day

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That is so fetch…

Did you hear the news?! Maybe I am late to the party but “Mean Girls”—my fav movie of all time—is coming to the big stage as a Broadway Musical! Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey, the original writer and director of the 2004 comedy is working on it as we speak. And, speaking of Mean Girls...I don’t think I’d go back to middle school or high-school, would you?

Don’t send me back…

Talking to a mom of an 11-year-old girl this week, she informed me about a new social media app I was completely unaware of:


Am I late to the party, or new to you too? Apparently, this app allows you to create your own live music videos and be your own superstar in your own spotlight of whatever popular song you pick.


Sort of.

Scrolling through the newsfeed of music videos of 10-17 year-old girls, they were singing more than songs from the musical “Annie” or Spice Girls, like I did (in front of my bathroom mirror of course) at that age. Dressed in booty shorts, or no shorts at all, many of the videos featured these young girls completely sexualizing themselves in front of the camera, as they emulated the music videos of some of their own celebrity icons.

Be your own celebrity.

The app got me thinking about how much over the years—even since the debut of Mean Girls—the standards and ‘norms’ of what is pretty, popular and “so fetch” as a girl have changed.

Mean Girls

“Mean Girls” Today

(this is what “Means Girls” would be like if it was set in 2016)

  • The plastics would require a selfie duck-face post at least once per day to Instagram, preferably revealing a little skin
  • When Ms. Norbury lifts her shirt up, her bra would inevitably end up on a Snapchat Story.
  • The lunch tables would include: Unfriendly Instagram Hotties, Boys who only communicate via text-message,
  • Regina would drive a Hybrid Lexus
  • When the Plastics arrive to Regina’s house, “All About that Bass” would be playing instead of “Milk Shake”
  • “One time, Kim Kardashian asked Regina where she got her crop top.”
  • “I heard she already has an iPhone 7.”
  • The Plastics would wear Lululemon sweat pants and pony tails only on Fridays.
  • George would have butt implants instead of fake boobs.
  • “We carry only sizes 1, 3, and 5. You can try H & M!”
  • Regina would go on a 7-day intermittent fast instead of drinking cranberry juice.
  • At the Winter Talent Show, the Plastics would dance to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”
  • “I love your Sketchers tenni-shoes! Where’d you get them?” “They were my mom’s in the ’90s.” “Vintage, love it. So adorable!”
  • Regina couldn’t say “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries” because all the school lunches would be Michelle Obama–approved.
  • Aaron would ask Cady for her for the WiFi password instead of what day it was.
  • Taylor Swift would make a cameo appearance and sing the song “Bad Blood” in there somewhere.
  • The Burn Book would not be an actual book, but a secret Facebook group post.
  • Regina would be a sexy “Bachelorette” from the Bachelorette for Halloween.
  • Quote: “One time Justin Timberlake commented on her Instagram that she was pretty.”
  • “I don’t think my dad, the inventor of Clean Water, would be happy to hear about this.”
  • Instead of a group call, it would be a group text. So Karen would accidentally text “OMG, she’s so annoying” to the wrong person.


Mean Girls

This is the world we live in—especially our middle school and teen girls: Hungry for acceptance and validation that they are cool, liked, known and seen. And the reality is not just confined to teeny boppers.

In a recent poll conducted amongst 50 girls and women, ages 18-40, 80% reported feeling “worse about themselves” after looking at social media newsfeeds.

Comparison. Food for thought. Long live Mean Girls—and you are a smart girl. Be aware of how outside influences make YOU feel about yourself…

..And do the opposite—do you. Be you.

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