Love your body (cellulite, dark circles, blemishes, and all); PLUS a New Year THRIVE Life Package

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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“I just don’t always like what I look like”—said most girls, at one time or another.


What is it about our inner critics that ‘just get to us’—get under our skin? Pick us apart for the little nitty gritty things?


It could be….


  • The darker circles under our eyes from getting an hour less of sleep than usual.


  • A small blemish, on the verge of erupting into a Mt. Kilimanjaro on the top of our skin (ie. A zit).




  • Our frizzy hair from failing to find the time to run a straightener through it or style it that morning.


  • The way a particular top or pair of pants hugs our curves in all the right—but sometimes uncomfortable places.


  • A smattering of cellulite on the back of our legs, or a little bit of extra skin under our arms or between our thighs.


  • A glimpse of our reflection in a window or car rearview mirror—do I really look like THAT today?




Want me to go on?


There’s something deep down with in many of us that, even though we don’t always admit it, that deep down something is not always satisfied.


And guess what?


That’s ok…you are normal.


I was talking with a friend today on this very topic.


“You know…I used to be into figure competing—up there on stage, and everything was about what I looked like. I hated it—always being measured up against others or judged for what I looked like. Never ‘good enough’…since I got out of all that, things have been sooooo much better! But you know what? I still have those days that I just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin…those days I don’t love what I look like.”




Exhibit A.


And so the beat goes on.


I too can totally relate to those less than ‘glamorous’ feeling moments.


In fact, approximately 97% of women have at least ONE “I HATE MY BODY” moment every day.




Every day.


It doesn’t have to be some elaborate, drawn out, I-am-only-going-to-eat-salads-dressing-on-the-side and do an extra 45-minutes-on-the-elliptical moment to be a ‘I hate my body moment’ either.


It can be as simple as a bit of distaste in your mouth for the way you look or feel in your own skin.


And while this distaste is simply not a pleasant thought—the negative energy you fuel towards your very own self is even, more so, toxic.


So, if we all experience these less-than-our-best moments in any given day, what’s the answer to loving every inch of ourselves—inside and out?


What if instead of cutting ourselves down, we instead chose to respect ourselves and send some positive energy our way?


What could be different if, instead, of letting that one negative thought (or thoughts) have a place in our lives—we directly countered that negative thought with an empowering, inspiring healthy thought?


I’ll role play.




Scenario: It’s 7 a.m. I am getting ready for the busy day ahead—brushing my teeth and hair, washing my face, putting on my makeup…




Thought: Ugh. You are so pale and ugly without makeup on.


Counter-thought: Good morning Lauryn! That good night’s rest has you feeling energized and alive for a brand new day ahead! New adventures, new challenges, new opportunities to be had. Time to seize the day—slap on some makeup and go out there and live your life.


Or another:


Scenario: I’m walking around the mall, at the gym, in dressing rooms, or continually seeing my reflection somewhere—there are mirrors around. With each and every glimpse, I don’t really love what I see




Thought: Ugh, look at you. You’re not pretty. You seriously need some concealer under your eyes. Your hair is whack.


Counter-thought: My mind likes to tell me far too often I’m not good enough or pretty enough, but you know what…I am. Period. (Catch that thought; end it there)


Or another:


Scenario: You see a pretty girl in a random coffee shop, store or the grocery store. Or better yet, you catch a glimpse of a pretty girl on the cover of some magazine in the grocery checkout line. You’re jealous.





Thought: She’s so pretty—and I’m not….or, That top looks amazing on her—but it would never look good on me…or, I bet she has the whole world going for her…


Counter-thought: Comparison is the thief of all joy. There really is one me.


Easier said than done?


Perhaps at times.


But quite honestly—if we stopped being so darn passive with our thoughts—and letting them take over or ‘get the best of us’—and, instead, ‘caught them’ with a counter thought and took some mental-toughness action…my oh my, what a different place that inner critic would be.


With all this being said, I am super stoked to announce a special package I am firing up this month for girls and women to learn and take action into developing a healthier relationship with their body, their mind, food, fitness & unique passions.


Plain and simple, I am calling it the THRIVE Life Basic Startup Package and it includes:


  • Initial Lifestyle & Nutrition Consult

  • Goal setting & vision creating

  • Individualized healthy meal & fitness plan for YOUR body and goals

  • 3 Follow-up sessions

  • Weekly self-development “THRIVE projects”

  • Optional: Personalized style session & natural beauty makeover with local salon (finale)


All this for a special pro-rated rate of $250 (originally a $700 value).


Why the heck am I doing this?


Because I believe EVERY girl and woman deserves to NOT ONLY feel, but know, she IS beautiful and worthy in her own skin. In addition, by developing sustainable health, food, fitness and ultimately, MINDSET habits, we are able to give so much more to this world and our purposes for which we were all individually made.


Interested in learning more about THRIVE Life Basic Package or signing up?


E-mail me at [email protected] and get ready for a fun adventure FOR YOU.

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