Have you had your recess today?

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Rhea Dali

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

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Have you had your recess (workout) today?

Most people, show up to “get their workout done”: Same time. Same place.


Movement is meant to enliven us and give us energy for the day—not just be something we check off the list. Think of it like recess…


Remember being a kid in elementary school?

At the end of the day, when your mom asked you, “What was the best part of your day today?”, how did you typically respond?

RECESS!”—of course.

As a kid, you looked forward to nothing more than:

  • A rousing game of dodgeball with 23 of your best friends;
  • Dominating the ‘square’ as the Queen in four-square;
  • Making the other kids “eat your lunch” in a tether-ball showdown;
  • Running away from the boy who liked you (and kept picking you to be ‘it’) in a game of tag;
  • Gabbing with your friends about your latest crush;
  • And riding on the “high-seas” on the playground that you and your crewmates simulated into a pirate ship.

You THRIVED upon recess, and, like a breath of fresh-air, you
REQUIRED it to get through the entire school day (i.e. tricky multiplication tables, spelling tests, concentration during reading circle, etc.).

Then…life happened:
  • 6-7 classes every day during middle school
  • High-school tests, AP classes and college applications
  • Ramen noodles, all-night study sessions and the Freshmen 15 happened
  • A 9-5 job and happy-hours
  • Babies, little sleep and morning carpools
  • And on and on.

Somewhere along the way, in the mix of it all, recess got lost.


What would it be like to approach your workouts with a whole new mindset:

Recess!!—something you look forward to?

Something where a whole new world of opportunity awaits?

I like to think of the gym like a giant playground for adults—with rings and “monkey bars” (pull-up bars), big stones (deadlift barbells) and slides (the rowing machine).

New challenges and feats to conquer (like getting a pull-up or lifting a heavier weight).

New games to play (different classes and styles of workouts to try).

In fact, it is this fact alone, I make an effort to mix up my routine AT LEAST once per week—if not more:

  • Try a new class
  • A new workout flow
  • Get outside and explore
  • Take a yoga class over my usual weight session

Variety keeps things interesting and reminds me that, yes, exercise is recess.



This week’s adventure?

Eastside Austin Elite: a local boxing, CrossFit and MMA studio here in Austin.

The class? Kickboxing—something I hadn’t done since college.

Thrown into the “ring”—the class began with a warm-up series of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and punches with a partner, and from there, my inner Holly Holm (the girl who defeated former “champ” Rhonda Rousey.


The consensus?

Total blast!

Have you had your break today?


Thrive Project

Your “Thrive Project” for today (or this week) is to try something completely NEW—out of your routine, or comfort zone.

OR, do that thing you’ve been telling yourself you’ve wanted to do forever: be it a yoga class, paddleboarding, hiking, “Bunz and Gunz” (a women’s only class I am trying next week!), swimming—something off your “old beaten track.”


Get a taste of what Thrive is all about with the Free 7-Day Thrive in Life Kickstart Guide when you join Thrive’s inner circle.

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