Guest Juli Bauer of PaleOMG Spills on Eating Real Food, Gaining More Confidence & Ditching the Scale

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Week 2 of 2015 is almost in the books.


Gosh, is anyone else flabbergasted that January is almost half way done for?


I am.


Days fly by and the older I get, the wiser I get, realizing just how important it is to make the most of your time day in and day out—not wasting your time doing things that don’t matter or worrying about things that are here today, gone tomorrow.


Today (Saturday), I had a little pep talk with myself on this subject.


While Saturdays are conventional weekend days for most, today I spent much of my Saturday working—meeting with two clients, coaching a group fitness class, seeing two kiddos for therapy at a pediatric clinic where I work PRN, then catching up on some writing I needed to do.


Phew! All in a day’s work and my weekend day became a “work” day, during which I had more than a moment of wishing I could just spend time reading in my favorite coffee shop, spending time with friends, grocery shopping and cooking up a new recipe.


Womp. Womp.


It’s a good thing I genuinely like what I am doing though!


Time is money, meaning, time is a valuable thing. How are you spending your time? Are you spending it on things that ‘don’t matter’ or that are not aligned with your personal goals?





Even though my Saturday may not have been as fun or exciting as I would have hoped today, it definitely did not feel wasted.


As I reflect on 2015, and my own goals for writing a book and continuing to grow THRIVE Wellness & Recovery, right now, I am having to do a ‘heart’ and ‘time’ check to evaluate the things in my day to day life that are aligned with these things.


Don’t waste your time or energy doing things that don’t matter, take action towards the change or things you desire to happen in your life, stay connected to the passions and people who are most important to you, and ultimately, go out there and do what it is you were made to do.


On a side note, this month, I am dedicating several posts to some very special guests who are practicing the THRIVE methodology—doing what they were MEANT to do, not settling and continually keeping their hearts aligned with their personal passions and goals.


What are their secrets to their success in their particular niche or areas of their life that we can learn from?


Today, I am ecstatic to introduce my friend and the blog writer of PaleOMG, Juli Bauer.


Miss Paleomg. The One. The Only. Juli Bauer.
Miss PaleOMG. The one. The only. Juli Bauer.


Juli characterizes herself as “a food hoarder and a really bad dancer” with a witty, sarcastic humor, who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Best known for her weekly blog posts (, that thousands of readers view daily, her deliciously creative Paleo-inspired recipes are enough to inspire any of us readers to pursue things we are passionate about and SHARE IT with others (Juli is so darn creative and obviously in touch with what she is ‘meant to do’, such as sharing her recipes for: soft and chewy double chocolate chip cookies,chicken enchilada bake, Italian meatloaf, Thai chicken stuffed sweet potatoes, and more)! Juli also shares her weekly workouts and her stylish (and affordable) fashion sense with readers, and has truly branded herself as that girl next door with whom you just want to be BFFs!





Juli did not become “PaleOMG” over night however. In fact, prior to discovering her knack for Paleo cooking in the kitchen, and even a fit and healthy lifestyle, Juli said her teens and early 20’s were spent like the majority of most women: looking in the mirror and not liking what she would see.


Enter: a healthy lifestyle, and Juli said her inner confidence, her personal goals, her vision for her life and her purpose began to become all the more clear.


Fast-forward to the past several months: Juli has been hard at work on her latest cookbook (Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook—her 3rd cookbook in just the past two years!), touring the country for her book tour of “The Paleo Kitchen”, CrossFitting, and still finding time to blog, shop and tell us stories about her precious dog Jackson.


What does she not do? And how does she do it?


Here Juli shares her insights about how she attacks her personal goals, stays true to who she is and why she does not step on scales any more.


Q. It’s that time of year—fresh starts, new steps. Do you have any goals for 2015?

Juli: My overall goal is to be more positive. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in negativity being part of this social media era, so my goal is to not let that negativity change my outlook on my day or even my life. If you ooze positivity, more positive things will occur in your life. At least that’s what I believe!


Q. Thousands of Americans resolve to eat ‘better’, ‘lose weight’, quit sugar, get fit in January—you’ve been there—wanting a life change. Tell me where you come from and what was life like before your PaleOMG blog, CrossFit and ultimately, developing self-confidence?

Juli: Before I found Paleo and CrossFit, I felt that exact same way. As soon as New Year’s hit, I was at the gym every day at 6 am, I started some crash diet, etc. I stuck with this for a month or so, then would slowly fall off. It was this constant mind f*ck. Because I put so much pressure on myself in the New Year to be thinner and look better, I would hate myself for not looking different within a month and finally throw in the towel. Before Paleo and CrossFit, I didn’t like who I was, I was constantly depressed, and I was always looking to look like someone else, instead of just concentrating being the best person I could be in that moment.


Q. How has your mindset about health, fitness and/or your body changed since you discovered the real-foods/functional fitness lifestyle?

 Juli: Once I discovered CrossFit, everything changed for me. Forever, I looked up to models on magazines or people I saw on TV, but once I went to my first CrossFit competition, my outlook on women completely changed. It wasn’t about being thin anymore, it was accomplishing a goal. My goal changed from being thin to being able to snatch 95 lbs. like I saw girls do at the competition. It wasn’t about what I was going to wear to a party that weekend, it was about if I could get a PR on my back squat. My goals changed to more positive behaviors. Nowadays, I don’t obsess about calories or how many workouts I’ve done in a week or if I have cellulite, I just concentrate on getting better, staying healthy, and being happy with who I am, inside and out.


Q. And by no means is no one perfect –what do you struggle with or find annoying when it comes to food, fitness and your body? How do you deal?

Juli: Something that was really challenging for me was that I didn’t look exactly like other girls did who I competed with. I never was shredded or could wear little tiny white shorts everywhere, but I worked just as hard as those other women. That was the one thing that took me a long time to come to terms with. But I had to remember that I’m not those girls, I don’t have those genetics, and honestly this is what I have to work with so I better embrace it instead of constantly hating it. Cellulite is an asshole, but it will always be there so I try to get over it. Worrying about that sort of bullish*t just gets in the way of doing other awesome things.


Q. Best advice ever given to you around any of these things?

Juli: Well, I don’t tend to listen to other people, I just have to figure it out on my own. So my own advice has seemed to be the best for me. And the best thing I’ve told myself in a long time is “F*ck it.” I said that and stopped worrying about the little things, stopped staring in the mirror at the things I hated and started concentrating on the things that were much more important in life.


Q. What advice would you give other women about…

  • Weight or the battle with the scale?
  • Juli: Stop weighing yourself. Seriously stop. If you want to lose weight, I totally get it. But base how you feel off of how your clothes fit and the new found confidence you get. The scale can become another obsessive behavior that will drive you crazy and that number will tell you how your day is going to be. It’s not fair to yourself.


  • Eating real food or considering a Paleo?
  • Juli: Start off slow and work your way into Paleo. Perfection is not something anyone should be reaching for. So start with baby steps, adding in more veggies, eating an open faced sandwich, eating non-processed food snacks. These small baby steps will lead into bigger and bigger leaps and before you know it, you’ll be eating pretty Paleo!


  • Fitness, the gym or body composition?
  • Juli: Never give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things take time and some goals should last a lifetime. Concentrate on the end goal: being healthier. And that will help keep you exercising and positive.


  • Anything else?
  • Juli: Don’t be mean to yourself. There are plenty of people in this world that would be happy to be mean to you for no reason, so you there is no point in being hard on yourself. Be your biggest fan, tell yourself positive things in the mirror, and love yourself for who you are today, because tomorrow you’re going to be even better!


Q. On a side note, we want to know your favorite…



Paleo 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie





  • Recipe: My 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie (Click here)  
  • Way to sweat: CrossFit (Annie is my favorite WOD)
  • Thing to do that makes you feel like a million bucks: A good pair of jeans and fake eye lashes.
  • Things that make you happy: My dog, my boyfriend, and my fantastic friends
  • Woman you admire and why? Mindy Kaling- that woman is not afraid to be who she is, to make fun of herself and to conquer anything thrown her way. She’s   badass. My dream is to meet her someday and scream so hard that I keel over like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
  • Girl power song to rock out to – Diva by Beyonce. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve requested that song in a club and straight up made a fool of myself dancing to it. Best. Ever.
  • Mantra: Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.


Want to know more about Juli? Check out her official BIO here. And of course, you can’t miss out on all her cookbooks:


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instagram: @paleomg

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