German New Medicine: 3 Essentials to Heal Your Body with the Mind

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Rhea Dali

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

German New Medicine (also known as “German Healing Knowledge” or “the New Medicine”) is a revolutionary framework for health and disease, empowering patients to heal the body with the mind.

German New Medicine recognizes that symptoms in the body are often metaphors—smoke signals—for internal conflicts, stressors and/or negative emotions in our psyche and brain.

Basically: Dis-ease in our lives manifests as disease in the body, or our “issues end up in our tissues.”


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German New Medicine is a brand new perspective for understanding how disease and symptoms occur in the body without needing extensive lab testing!

For example, Dr. Hamer (the father of German New Medicine) developed testicular cancer after his son tragically died in his arms. Later, Dr. Hamer discovered the same types of cancer pop up in his patients. Testicular cancer is connected to a “territory conflict”—such as losing a loved one, a breakup, a falling out, job loss or a move. Issues in the tissues.

“Sarah” (names have been changed) developed tons of bloating and constipation after running into her ex-fiancee (after not seeing him for several years)—connected to an “indigestible conflict”—something hard to swallow, digest, break down or eliminate. 

“Timothy” suffered from skin breakouts on his back. The flares started after leaving his 9 to 5 job and starting his own business. No longer feeling under the ‘attack’ of a tough boss, and yet feeling like he had a lot to carry on his back now. 

You get the picture. 

The cool thing? According to German New Medicine, when we identify what is actually going on “under the hood,” the body (and mind) begin to heal, all thanks to the gut brain connection!

Do you have a health symptom or challenge you’d love to “clear out?” If so, look no further than these 3 essentials to begin healing the body with the mind.


Your gut is your second brain. 

Your gut is also responsible for your immune system, metabolism, hormones, digestion, energy and determines the symptoms or diseases you get (or don’t get).

Hence, you can imagine what happens to your health when your brain interprets stress.

The brain it sends signals down the gut-brain axis…to the 500 million brain cells inside your gut that run the show of how symptoms show up in your entire body.

Ever had butterflies in your stomach? Boom: Gut brain connection!

The interesting thing about stress is that it your gut and your brain cannot tell the difference in eating cheeseburgers every day for lunch…versus running from a bear…versus believing “I’m not good enough” at 4th grade recess.


In fact, CT scans actually show that people with different health conditions (ie. Diabetes, cold/flu, IBS, anxiety, etc.) have inflammation in specific regions of their brain, correlated with the specific organs, tissues and symptoms.

The brain is mapped for over 500 symptoms and conditions related to gut-brain connection! AFTER a stressor has occurred and passed is when symptoms show up. 

For example, autoimmune flares often stem from a gut hunger for “self worth”— the immune system degrades its own tissues just like we degrade ourselves with thoughts like “I’m not good enough”— highlighted by inflammation in the frontal lobe—the brain region connected to negative self talk. 

Acne can serve as protection after an “attack conflict”—as depicted in the cerebellum, the region of the brain connected to the skin. No wonder so many teenagers get zits! (I would go back to middle school said no one ever!).

Patients with the common cold or flu show inflammation in the cortex, the sensory region of the brain connected with a “stink” conflict—like warm, sunny days turning into cold, dark nights during winter. This stinks! Hello runny nose or congestion!  

Food intolerances, bloating and constipation stem from an “indigestible” conflict” in the brainstem region. Basically a gut hunger around something we cannot figuratively digest, swallow or eliminate that shows up in our digestive organs. 

This is exactly what happened for “Little Johnny”. 7 year old Little Johnny ate a PB&J sandwich every day for lunch. He did for years and loved it! Then one day he witnessed his parents having an “all out” fight that led to their divorce…while eating his beloved PB & J sandwich. A few weeks later, he began to develop symptoms when he ate his same ol’ sandwich. It was assumed he had an allergy to peanuts and gluten…but did he really?

The bottom line: Symptoms are often a metaphor of what’s subconsciously going on inside via the gut brain connection. 


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Awareness is the next step for healing your body with your mind using German New Medicine

Our bodies are constantly speaking to us…sometimes we are just not listening.

  • Chronic back pain may really represent a stressful or difficult burden we’ve been trying to carry. 
  • Constipation is often related to an “indigestible” conflict—something we feel stuck in or can’t eliminate. 
  • We’ve all felt “heart broken” or had “gut reactions”  or had to “get something off our chests.” 

Once you understand what your symptoms are often just a  metaphor or smoke signal of what is going on in the body, you can then begin doing a little deeper digging into what your body is trying to tell you!

What is the specific stressor or conflict driving your symptom(s)?

There are 4 primary types of stressors or “conflicts” to be aware of:

#1: A Morsel Conflict

This hunger is all about not being able to figuratively digest, swallow or eliminate something in our life.

Some examples may include:

  • Not being able to “digest” difficult news
  • Being told you’re fat by the popular girl in school—and having a tough time swallowing it
  • Struggling to eliminate a bad boyfriend in your life

Morsel conflicts often show up as “gut issues”, thyroid issues, heart issues, weight gain, respiratory issues, and eating disorders or food intolerances. 

#2: An “Attack” Conflict

Exactly what it sounds like—feeling like others or the world is working against you.


  • “Knife in the back” (ex. friend backstabbing you/gossiping about you, rejection) 
  • Being rejected or fear of being rejected. 
  • Verbal abuse (ex. being cut down by others, such as a parent or teacher or coach or peers)

Attack conflicts often show up as skin issues (acne, eczema), respiratory issues, bodily swelling/bloating/edema and nighttime waking. 

#3 Self Devaluation or Self Esteem Conflict

You’re the hardest on yourself!

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others or cutting yourself down
  • Feeling like you’ll never find “the one”
  • Feeling left out fro others—and beating yourself up because of it

Self devaluation conflicts often show up as autoimmune diseases, hair or organ loss (ie. Gallbladder surgery) and musculoskeletal issues and osteoporosis. 

#4. Territory & Separation Conflicts

Feeling threatened for survival, safety; experiencing sexual frustration; or experiencing loss and separation:

  • Moving to a new city
  • Your partner not being on the “same page” as you
  • Your child growing up and leaving the nest

Separation and territory conflicts often result in hormone imbalances (infertility), cancerous tumors, cysts, adrenal issues


So what, if any conflicts, could have preceded the “issues in your tissues”? 

Stress is inevitable—something we all face on a daily basis. However, to trigger symptom(s) (compared to stress that doesn’t trigger symptoms) that stressor is typically going to be:

  • Unexpected—startling or shocking.
  • Dramatic—highly emotional.
  • Isolating—we feel alone; and/or 
  • Strategy-less—we basically don’t know how to proceed, what to do or we feel trapped, choice-less) 

Like back to Little Johnny—witnessing his parents in an almost all-out WW wrestling match over his PB&J lunch is unexpected, dramatic, isolating and he has no idea what to do—all the variables are at play. 

Remember, symptoms really only show up AFTER a stressor has occurred and passed. After all, if you’re running from a bear, the LAST THING your body wants to do is stop and feel the ankle you just sprained. No time to feel symptoms! However, AFTER you’ve escaped the bear, you finally look down and see and feel your ankle.

Do a little bit of reflecting and digging: What are my symptoms trying to tell me—what conflicts or stressors have been going on (and possibly even ‘resolved’ or passed) lately?  


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Turbo-boost healing comes when we “clear” out the conflicts (thoughts, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, maladaptive habits or strategies) that developed post conflict. 

Example: Food Intolerance Resolution

For example, if the “conflict” in my life prior to FOOD INTOLERANCES was the belief that certain foods make me fat and I created STRESSFUL food rules around certain foods, consequently, my psyche correlates certain foods with stress…

Fast forward to years later: when I find myself living in toxic mold (under STRESS), it makes sense WHY my body reacts to almonds and sweet potatoes and broccoli with stress too! 

Boom! Food intolerance!

After I recognize the STRESSOR/CONFLICT around why my food intolerances are happening, a way to “clear” this out or find resolution may be as simple as:

  • Telling my body that it is strong, capable and resilient (to heal and digest food) 
  • Making a smoothie with almond butter and giving myself permission to enjoy it and be healthy
  • Deciding I no longer have the food intolerances my body is correlating with stress

Example: Stress Fracture Resolution

Stress fractures in the feet are related to “mobility conflicts”—inability to move forward. I really liked a boy, but it wasn’t going to work out. Around this same time as this conflict, I developed a stress fracture on my foot at my morning bootcamp…and it would not heal—It lingered for 12 weeks—something that typically should heal within 6 to 8. And you know I was “doing all the things.” It wouldn’t heal until…I let him go: 

  • I said: “OK, I am moving on. Moving…forward.”  
  • I created healthy boundaries for myself and decided to do things I loved versus caring what he was doing. 
  • I deleted his number from my phone. 

Literally, that day: my stress fracture was gone.


When given the right tools, your body innately wants to heal itself. German New Medicine is a great place to start healing the issues in your tissues. 

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