Embracing Your Fears

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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What do you fear?

Really think hard about that—

Gaining weight? Being alone? Letting go? Losing control? Missing out? Getting fat? Not accepting yourself? Messing up?

Often times, the things we fear most, hold us back from being fully alive, free, happy or successful in the things we want most.

Fear keeps us paralyzed and stuck.

However, when you learn to LOVE your fears, your fears—and that feeling of “being stuck”—somehow magically disappear.

Take my eating disorder for example:

For many years, I lived in fear of gaining weight and unhappiness with my body (and ultimately myself).

While I did not want to struggle, count calories obsessively or think about food and exercise 24/7, I held a tight grip on these things in order to feel in control of my body.

I often talked about “wanting recovery”—but in my mind, recovery meant gaining weight, getting pudgy and losing control around food—eating things I didn’t want to, losing my “edge,” or exercising less (and potentially getting more rolls than I’d like because of it).

When therapists, loved ones and doctors encouraged me to “work on my recovery”—in my mind, that meant one thing: Facing my fears.

Gaining weight, and being totally unhappy with my body.

The reality?

The complete opposite!

It wasn’t until I “faced my fears”—deciding to surrender, embrace my “flaws” and LOVE my body as it is no matter what (recognizing it as my home, my one place I have to live while on this earth, no matter what)—that my “worst fears” actually did NOT happen.

By learning to LOVE my fear—no longer let fear dictate my every move (restriction, avoiding fats, exercising even when I was exhausted) or self-concept—my GREATEST fears did NOT come true.

Crazy amounts of weight gain did not happen. Uncomfortable pudge did not happen. Hating my body did not happen. And, for the first time in my life, I experienced freedom—in my mind. (No more white noise in my head).

“Lauryn, how did you get over it?! How did you get past the thoughts—the “last 10%?” a girl recently asked me.

“I stopped being so scared. Looked fear in the face, looked up—found something greater than me—and surrendered to the fact that my body would be as it would be,” I said.

It did.

The same scenario can apply to multiple situations.

For instance: the girl who desperately wants to lose weight— fearing that it will NEVER happen for her. The girl who’s tried for years to shed just 5-10 pounds, counting her calories, tracking her exercise, watching what she eats or weighs herself on the scale most day. She wants it. She’s doing all the “right things.” But in spite of it all, she’s hating on her body. Fearing any FALSE move that may throw her off. Fearing trying something different than all she’s known how to go about weight loss (eating less and exercising more). And…she’s getting nowhere.

Chances are MORE than exercise, and more than calories are keeping her stuck. The more she obsesses, and the more she worries and stresses over weight and her body, the less likely that release—that release of fear in her life unfolds.

So, I’ll ask you once more—what do YOU fear?

And how is fear holding you back from achieving your own greatness?

Let go and LOVE (your fears).

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