5 Ways to Get Out of a Diet, Fitness or Recovery Slump NOW

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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It happens to even the most consistent, driven individuals.

A slump.

You can be going strong, have a super routine, feel on top of the world…and then all of a sudden…

  • you fail your diet, exercise or recovery commitment;
  • you go on a vacation;
  • or go out to eat;
  • work gets busy;
  • someone says a negative comment about how you look;
  • you compare yourself to old pics or another chick on Instagram;
  • you over-indulge;
  • you just skip carbs just this once (an old chronic dieting habit);
  • you exercise a little longer than usual, or forgo the gym at all…

And you fall out of your healthy, “on fire” routine.

You begin to second-guess yourself, or your own recovery, or progress…and realize you’re on a slight downward spiral.

So what do you do about it?

Well if you have some coping skills and/or a good support system in place, it’s only a matter of calling up your BFF, reminding yourself of your personal mantra, or recognizing your ‘triggers’ (and doing something about them)…and you are back to healthy you again.

But, if you need to keep from sinking all the way to the bottom—fast—you need some coping skills and tricks to do so.
In a slump (or want to prepare for one in the future)?

Let’s get to it!

 5 Ways to Get Out of a Diet, Fitness or Recovery Slump NOW

  1. Time Out. Pull out the ol’ “T-O” on yourself, and take a step back. What is going on here? Gain awareness around the factors trying to cramp your healthy style.For example, find yourself restricting a little here, or cutting back on your portions there, if you’re in recovery from chronic dieting at one time. Ask yourself: Why? is it because you feel like things are getting a little out of control at work; or you saw a pic of your older self and remembered liking your thigh gap?Throwing in the towel on your consistent 3-5 day per week gym routine? Is it because it’s not fun for you (feels like a chore)? You feel self-conscious every time you’re there? You begin saying ‘Yes’ to everyone else but yourself in your life again (your old people pleasing ways).Take a time out to assess your situation (and the things triggering old habits or your slump). Figure out what’s trying to pull you back, and then, knowing this, remind yourself of what your current health and life goals are. All eyes forward (instead of dwelling on the past).
  2. Reach Out. What else are family and friends for? They’ve got your back, and you’ve got theirs. Consider confiding in a confidant—you decide. Spend some heart-to-heart time and let them in on the struggles, woes and weight on your shoulders around your slump and rut. Those closest to us often can help us brainstorm and problem solve with us how to get out of our rut. Ask them for accountability if needed, or simply let them know you could use some encouragement.
  3. Mix Things Up. Perhaps the reason for your slump is because you’ve been getting bored with your routine, or you treat it more like a checklist rather than act of self-care. A slump can be a great time to shake things up and do a little something different as you’re getting back on the bandwagon. Whether it’s a new “go-to” breakfast, a new workout time or class, a new recipe, a new goal to work towards…the sky is the limit.
  4. Treat Yo Self. Instead of hating on yourself, or getting down on yourself for being in a slump, there is no time better than now to extend your own “olive branch” of peace…to yourself. With all that negative self-talk and inner mean girl rambling on in your head, you are in need of some T-L-C. Kindness (to yourself) will yield a spirit of positivity—much needed to move forward. Bubble bath, pedicure, a new outfit to get back in the gym, time to read for fun (not school), soaking up the sun, a nice walk or hike, etc. Whatever you like.


  1. Who is healthy you? The healthy you that you WANT to be (body, mind and soul). What does she think like? How does she act? What would she do in this situation? Even if you feel far gone from her…pretend to be her. Visualize yourself as being health you, today. So as we think, therefore we become.


Bonus Strategy: Make a Game with Yourself.

Make a game or mission to realign your goals and move forward.

Each week, set ONE intention to focus on this week. Such as: Incorporating those carbs back with one meal that you’ve cut it from; Working out three times this week (no matter if it’s the gym, yoga, kickboxing, etc.); or Not counting or tracking calories in My Fitness Pal (and obsessing). Have fun with it.

Now it’s your turn.

 Ready to strategize yourself out of a slump?

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