Giving Up Your Skinny Jeans (Why it is so hard to do!)

Written By

Rhea Dali

Expert Reviewed By

Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.



Ok I have a question—and let’s be honest here…


How many of you checked out the deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?



(Hands raised).


Ok. Great.


Next question: How many of you shopped for others?


(Some hands raised).



Last question: How many of you shopped for yourself?


(Lots of hands raised).


Tis the season for giving (and getting) indeed.


(“One for you, one for me” is my typical motto when beginning the Christmas shopping frenzy).


CNN ran an article this past weekend, stating that “Nearly 60% of people are now ‘self-gifting’” (according to the National Retail Federation, contributing to an average amount of $132 spent this past weekend alone (on ourselves).


 I don’t know about you, but shopping is not on my “top priority” list of hobbies I enjoy doing (or rather: spending money is not on my top priority list).


However—call it “In Sight, In Mind” Syndrome—whenever the deals start pouring in to my e-mail inbox or on the sale-signs in every single store, I can’t help but at least check them out.


Nowadays, the deals aren’t just confined to clothing, home or technology either. Everything—from personal training, to wellness coaching, massage therapy, and small business software, have capitalized on the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” shopping phenomenon, wherein people are more apt to buy (after all, who doesn’t like a deal?!).


I’d be lying if I said I took full advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to shop for others.


(Arggggh! Confessions of a Reforming Shopaholic strike again).


Check it out:


A Northface Thermoball vest for $77 (as opposed to $149)

A pair of AG Stevie Cordoroy pants for $116 (as opposed to $179)

Three spatulas to replace my gross old ones: $15 (as opposed to about $28)

And, a cute pair of wedged booties (currently a hot trend apparently) for $88 (as opposed to $138).




However, as with most self-shopping excursions (i.e. overindulgence?), the “buyer’s remorse” subsequently set in.


How I conquered it?




Yup, cleaning.


“Winter cleaning” (instead of spring cleaning?).


Cleaning out the ol’ closet indeed happened this weekend, and, with the help and guidance of a dear friend (and style guru), we gutted my closet—purging it of clothing I hadn’t worn in 2+ years (You know, the “Maybe one day I’ll wear this again”, or “Oh it’s so sentimental”, or “Maybe it will come back in style” items).



I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy.


I found myself clinging to items I hadn’t worn in years (we are talking like 8-10 years here) with those same old excuses (“Maybbbbbeeeee I will wear it”). However, my friend would not have it:


“Nope, Lauryn! You are getting rid of it!”, or, “It’s not even that flattering!”, or, “You can’t even zip that up without it getting caught on the track.”


All of which, I knew.


Or, the MOTHER OF THEM ALL: “Maybe I’ll fit into it again.”


(How many times have YOU said this?….Bueller? Bueller?).

By Sunday, I had three bags FULL of clothes to take by Buffalo Exchange (a local re-sale shop) to see what treasure they would give me for my “trash” (one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure), and then donate the rest.


The result?




An easy $115—considering all I had to do was give up some clothes I had been holding onto for FAR TOO LONG. (Note: $115 is “saying a lot”, considering this re-sale shop in particularly is notorious for turning their nose up at designer jeans and Lululemon tops if not in mint, peak condition…picky and choosey).


As tough as my Operation Closet Clean Up exercise was…it was also LIBERATING!


Letting go of things I’d held onto for FAR TOO LONG was…refreshing.


And it got me thinking, philosophically…


What else, in my life am I am holding onto that is keeping me from experiencing greatness or blessing on the other side (i.e. the $115 in this case)?

What are YOU holding onto that is keeping you from experiencing greatness?


What goals or dreams are you saying you “want”…and thinking “one day” you will get (i.e. “Fitting into those jeans again” that have been in your closet for 8 years)…but not putting any action towards those goals?


What “clothes” (or former self identities, or times in your life) are you holding onto that is keeping you stuck, or from being present—right where you are at, today?


If the jeans don’t fit today…THROW THEM OUT.


You don’t need them.


(Go get some money for them if anything!).


The same goes for your ‘ruts’, your habits, your ‘stuck ways’…what patterns, routines, stinkin’ thinkin’ or ‘ways of life’ are you holding onto?


What ‘ways of life’ are you thinking will always be the case?—And are refusing to move on?


YOU have the choice as to what goes into your closet or not (attitudes, mindsets, behaviors, habits, etc.)…Choose wisely.


Your THRIVE project for today?


THROW OUT ONE THING cluttering up your life…Or keeping you stuck….Unhealthy…Holding you back…


It could be a pair of your “skinny” jeans or a cocktail dress from your college days (heck, go get money for them!)…



It could be a picture of yourself at age 21 (“if only I looked like that”) or a picture of an ideal you’d like to be…


A pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer, “just in case” you have a bad day…


Diet Coke with all that artificial sweetener you know is not good for you…


A top that is never going to come back in style…


Whatever it is, get RID of something tangible today, and let it be a reflection of how LIBERATING “letting go” can be!


One thing at a time…but those habits or “comforts” you are holding onto may not look so complicated to get rid of either, once you’ve started cleaning house.


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