How to Stop Obsessing Over Food: 3 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

Have Your Cake Eat It Too Copy 1 | How To Stop Obsessing Over Food: 3 Steps To Heal Leaky Gut

Healing your obsession with food, anxiety over what to eat and thoughts that “just won’t go away” IS possible. It all starts in the gut. Try these 3 easy steps…

My gut?! Yes, you’re gut—there’s a direct link between your gut and your brain—function and thoughts. Ready to end the obsessive thoughts? Set yourself up for success by first healing your gut. “Gut health” is one of those buzzwords nowadays, thrown around like “ketogenic”, “kombucha” and “pasture raised.” You hear it. It sounds good. But you really have no idea what it actually means…until now.

Heal Leaky Gut

Defining “Gut Health” 

Ok, gut health is a good thing…but what does that actually look like? In short:

  • Regular, well-formed sausage-like poops 1-3 times per day (every day)
  • Rare, if ever, bloating, gas, constipation, nausea, stomach cramps or heartburn around meals
  • Regular appetite
  • No extreme fullness after meals
  • No allergies (environmental or food)
  • Clear skin
  • Energy throughout the day
  • Low/no nutritional deficiencies
  • Low/no headaches
  • Healthy immunity (rarely sick)
  • No strong cravings (for sweets or caffeine)
  • Low anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts

–Just some of the markers of good gut health.

Yesterday we talked all about the brain-gut connection when it comes to food and the struggle of constantly thinking about it.

When your gut is NOT healthy (inside) then your brain takes a hit—(you’re more prone to become anxious, obsessive, worried, analytical, down, even depressed over things like food, perfectionism, and exercise).

Gut-Brain Connection

It all has to do with the chemical serotonin—which is produced in your gut, and fires up to your brain.

Serotonin is responsible for helping you and me feel at peace.

When we don’t have as much of it—or the production is slowed (due to a leaky gut—poor gut health), then it impacts the peace we have in our minds.

Make sense?

So no wonder “healing the gut” and a healthy gut help boost our brain power.

If you are an American, and you’re a survivor of the processed food generation and antibiotics-rich childhood, a “leaky gut” has become part of you’re DNA.

Causes of Leaky Gut

Heal Leaky Gut

A “leaky gut” is exactly what it sounds like—your gut lining gets irritated, then the “tight junctions” of your intestinal wall become loose… leaking food and other ingested environmental toxins into your bloodstream.

A leaky gut doesn’t happen over night and can be attributed to a history spent trying to fight, digest and absorb fake foods (like Poptarts), gut irritating foods (like gluten and commercial dairy),and harsh prescription drugs.

Other causes of a leaky gut health include:

  • Undigested Food & Poor Digestive Practices (eating fast, not chewing your food well)
  • Toxins (Environmental, Food)
  • Medications
  • Lack of Zinc (a critical mineral for gut lining health)
  • Birth History (C-section or not breast feeding)
  • Eating Disorder Rituals (binging, purging, restricting)
  • Stress (physical, mental, emotional)
  • Inflammation (parasites, low stomach acid, bacterial overgrowth, yeast)

So what to do about it?!

Heal your gut. Heal your brain.

By first starting with healing a leaky gut, you set yourself up for success to heal and work on the other emotional and mental stressors, obsessive thoughts and deeper reasons behind the struggle with food.

In fact, you may very well find that as you heal your gut…the obsessive, anxious and 24/7 thoughts about food, fitness or your body go away.

You brain is free. Your gut is free. And the two can work, in sync, with each other again.

Now the big question…How do I heal my gut?!

3 Simple Steps

I’m glad you asked. Here are 3 simple steps you can take today to get you started:

1. Back to the Basics.

Digestion starts in the mouth—the place we break down our food, so in order for good digestion to happen, we need to start there:

Chew. Take your time to chew your food well.

Chill Out. Digestion is a parasympathetic process—meaning it happens best in a relaxed state. When we are on the go, distracted by TV or work, anxious, or scarfing a bite down between meetings, we turn digestion into more of a “sympathetic” process—which slows things down (preventing the full break down of food).

Taste. Instead of eating so fast or mindlessly eating while doing something else, why not take a break and actually enjoy your food. Taste your food. Be mindful. Chew your food. Slow down. Rest and digest.

Heal Your Gut

2. Crystal Light Ban.

The day I took Crystal Light out was the day I was enlightened—food actually impacts how I feel. In the blink of an eye, my bloating, gas, cramps, floor-curling nausea, brain fog and even blurred vision I’d experience every day after drinking my pitcher-full at lunch time were…gone. And I never looked back. What foods are you not digesting well? What foods do you wonder or think may be impacting your digestion? Consider experimenting—removing and replacing them with an alternative—such as:

  • Water, spritzed with citrus (instead of Crystal Light)
  • Chicken sausage or eggs with the yolks (if eggs upset your belly it’s often because of the egg whites)
  • An additive-free protein powder, like pureWod chocolate protein (instead of that protein with 15 ingredients you can’t pronounce)
  • Full-fat, plain grass-fed dairy (instead of processed commercial, fat-free dairy that make you feel bloated, gassy or break out)
  • A touch of real raw honey or maple syrup to sweeten your coffee (instead of a Splenda packet, linked to more bloating, gassiness and stomach cramps)
  • Homemade coconut ice-cream or chia seed pudding (instead of the pint of Ben & Jerry’s that gives you a sugar high, followed by a crash)

…Just a few ideas.

Crystal Light

3. The Reinforcements.

Bring out the big guns with a few of these digestive aids to incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Lemon Water. Start your day off with 16 oz. of warm water with sea salt pinch and lemon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Swig 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar in a shot of water before meals throughout the day.
  • Food is Medicine. Eat fermented foods 2-3 times per day (2-4 tbsp. sauerkraut, 2-4 oz. kombucha, fermented yogurt
  • Probiotic Power. If you don’t regularly consume fermented foods, take a probiotic supplement daily (Like the one below)
  • Enzymes. Incorporate digestive enzymes with meals to help break them down.

Heal Leaky Gut
I won’t overwhelm you with all you can do. This is a good starting place.

If you are looking to improve your digestion and set a new path for total mind-body-soul wellness, I’ve created a 7-Day Gut Healing Program to help you do just that.

Seven days to gut health and wellness.

I’ll guide you day by day to feel better—on the inside and out.

Over the course of 7 days, you will receive daily actionable steps to healing your leaky gut today, PLUS:

  • My a 7-day (non-diet) Gut Healing Meal Plan
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