5 Best Jet Lag Hacks For You

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

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Travel is back in full swing—especially internationally, which means jet lag is back in full swing too…until your use the jet lag hacks to beat traveler’s fatigue. 

5 Simple Jet Lag Hacks

1. Hydrate 

Jet Lag Hacks - Couple Staying Hydrated After Jogging

Stay hydrated is one of the top jet lag hacks. Poor hydration and mineral imbalance is the number one contributor to jet lag. We dehydrate much more rapidly in altitude, and that air we breathe is nasty. Keep the detox coming.

  • Add sea salt to meals and include a pinch in your morning water
  • Cell Salts (Hyland’s 12-in-1) on the plane
  • Add 1 dose of humic/fulvic minerals in 30-40 oz water each day before, during and after. 

2. Fuel

Do your best to adjust your eating schedule as quickly to the local time as possible. Fasting during your flight can help with making this easier.

  • During flight: Fast or only light snacks or protein powder in water on the plane. Otherwise, with the pressure change, food just sits in the GI tract and meanders.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and juices, especially on the flight (they dehydrate you). Focus on pure/mineralized water on both sides of travel.
  • Eat on the local time when you arrive
  • Balance your blood sugar: aim to consume 30-40 grams of protein with each meal — especially in your first morning meal to set the tone for blood sugar, circadian rhythm and cortisol (all day long) 

3. Soak Up the Sun

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Getting in touch with your environment via grounding (putting your bare feet on the earth) and sun exposure are both helpful ASAP after landing on both ends. Sunlight moves through the retina to signal to the brain to set our circadian rhythm and helps to regulate proper cortisol and melatonin release. This will help his body avoid jet lag.

  • When you land, try to go outside and walk for about 30 minutes.
  • As you adjust to the local time, get sun exposure and move your body in the morning
  • Red light or infrared sauna in the mornings and/or evenings (can both stimulate and down-regulate your circadian rhythm in the morning and night)
  • True Dark red light glasses (blue blockers) within 2 hours of bedtime
  • Use a Phototherapy light visor (like Feel Bright).  Use it for a couple of mornings when you arrive to reset your clock, and then use it for a few mornings when you return to the US. The jet lag is even worse coming home.

3. Sleep

Getting good amount of sleep is one of the most effective jet lag hacks.

  • Melatonin: 3-5 mg before bed, sleep on local time
  • No naps, sleep on local time

5. Supplement Smart (2-3 Days Before & After) 

Jet Lag Hacks - Supplements On Wooden Spoon

Boost your body before and after you travel with these helpful sups. IV therapy drips, like Vitamin C and glutathione, can also be a helpful “booster” to get your body back to balance.

  • Cell Salts: Hyland’s 12-in-1 
  • Vit D: 5000 IU (aids in sun “absorption”)
  • Mitochondrial Support & Oxidative Stress Reduction 
    • PQQ & CoQ10 (Designs for Health)
    • Liposomal Vitamin C: 5000 mg
    • NAC: 1200mg/day or Liposomal Glutathione: 1-2 tsp/daily 
  • Homeopathy: Arnica Montana/nux vomica/occulococcinum homeopathic triad
  • Melatonin: 3-5 mg before bed for 3-4 days, sleep on local time

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