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What’s your relationship like with social media?

If you are like 64% of you women feel WORSE about yourself, your body, your dinner plate, your abs, your fitness routine and more when you look at social media (Glamour, 2014).

In addition, 82% of women think the beauty standards set by social media are unrealistic (Dove, 2015).

Translation: We are no longer comparing ourselves to the Jennifer Annistons and Kelly Kapowskis (“Saved By The Bell”) of this world.

We are comparing ourselves to…each other.

Growing up, my childhood and teen years were defined by the standards set by Seventeen and Shape magazine, my favorite movie stars and the Olson twins (“Brother for sale…” anyone?).

However, as gym-selfies, food porn, Snap-chats, Insta-stories, and Facebook Live have become our “norm” ways of keeping up with the world… the former  “blame-the-media-on-bad-body-image” days are dead.

Our self-esteem is now based on the number of “Likes” our posts get. 

Enter: the #thrivelife project.

This month, I am launching a 30-day Social Media campaign called the #thrivelife project, which encourages women to realize the role social media plays in impacting our confidence and self-esteem, and…

Do something about it!


#thrivelife is NOT just about losing 10 lbs. of fat or gaining more muscle, or eating and cooking amazing food.

While awesome workouts, feeling good in our own skin, and good food are PART of a thriving life, we all know they are not ALL of it.

Your MINDSET and living out your PURPOSE (doing the things in life that you were meant to do) are the meat and potatoes.

The #thrivelife project is a 30-day Social Media campaign starting this Thursday (October 13th) and is all about sharing content that makes this world (and you) a better (more thriving) place and human-being.

I’m talking RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (both for yourself—and others).

I’m talking finding what MOVES YOU and eating nourishing food that fuels your body and mind to do amazing things (outside the kitchen and gym).

I’m talking cutting the noise and the clutter when it comes to comparison…and our hot bodies…and our “happily-ever-after” lives.


Don’t get me wrong.

I too love a good pic of pumpkin spice muffins, fish tacos and paleo donuts.

I celebrate new PRs and gym wins just as much as you do.

And fall fashion is fun to look at.

However, the #thrivelife project is not just about these things…

It’s dedicated to living the thriving life you were created to live. (Regardless of whether or not you have a slim waist or cellulite on your thighs; or you wear designer clothes or jeans-and-a-t-shirt duds).

#thrivelife is inspired by one of the core principles I started Thrive Wellness & Recovery and my signature e-program The Bikini Mindsetliving BIGGER:

  • Instead of selfies of our six packs in the mirror, we’re doing selfies of our selfies being the change we wish to see in the world.,
  • Instead of “making gainz” with our protein powder, we’re “making gainz” by eating real food and trying new things. 
  • Instead of #dreamingbig, focused on the size of our waist, or the amount of weight on a barbell, we are #dreamingbig for all the cool things we are all about in our lives.
  • Instead of glamifying ourselves for our fashionista finds or beauty product shares, we are getting beautiful lips by speaking words of kindness; lovely eyes by seeking out the best in others; and a rocking outfit by “getting dirty” in a pair of gym clothes to help our friend move.

All you have to do?

Follow along and complete my daily #thrivelife project posts on Instagram and my blog!!!

That’s it!


Each day I will post a different #thrivelife project to complete—dedicated to getting outside yourself so you can LIVE BIGGER…

All you gotta do is stay up with me! I’ll guide you.

Most of these projects take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete…and ALL of these projects are guaranteed to boost your self-esteem by like 10,000 points.

Think: Get outside yourself in order to find true beauty and worth…and take the lead.

Why not use social media to lift others (including ourselves) UP?

Want in?

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Let’s do this!

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