You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times before by now on my blog: Fat does a body good.


  1. Balances Hormones. Your cortisol levels need fat to remain balanced (when we aren’t getting enough fat, our cortisol—stress hormones—gets out of whack, elevating cortisol, holding onto stubborn body fat and leaving us burning a candle at both ends—never able to ‘catch up’ or feel fully energized or rested)
  2. Aids in Digestion. Fat lubricates your intestinal and digestive system to help things flow smoothly and not ferment in our guts for too long.
  3. Boosts Brain Function. Your brain is over 60% fat itself—and it needs fat to think straight and operate at its peak.
  4. Fights Inflammation. Healthy fat—especially saturated fats, like coconut oil, ghee, egg yolks, animal meats and butter—prevents inflammation from building in your body.
  5. Absorbs Your Nutrients. It helps us ABSORB all the vitamins and minerals from our food.
  6. Is Yummy. It makes everything taste better. 

So which fats to choose?

Most folks talk about nuts, avocados, olive oil, nutbutter, and coconut oil when it comes to fat…but what if I told you a secret source that you’re missing out on?

Psst…You gotta try one of these:

Animal Fats!



Seriously Lauryn? Animal fat? That sounds disgusting.

I thought so too.

In fact, when I heard the term: “Animal fats”—I typically envisioned the fatty skin on a chicken breast that you trim if you don’t want to eat gristle.

But cooking with animal fats is wayyyyy different.


Lard: Pork fat.

Tallow: Beef fat.

Duck fat: Uh…duck fat.

Three different types of cooking fats that give your body a BOOST of much-needed:

  • Saturated fats (for brain health and metabolic function),
  • Omega-3’s (like those found in salmon),
  • Antioxidants and vitamins…
  • Plus make your veggies, and eggs, and potatoes, and meats taste good—like really good.

Here’s the low down (BONUS: Plus a recipe for experimenting with EACH of ‘em):