127 Best Health And Fitness Gifts of 2020 To Get Now

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020 - Woman Drinking Water

Invest in your health and check these Best Health and Fitness Gifts of 2020. The greatest wealth is health! Which is why you cannot go wrong with these 127 best health and fitness gifts for 2020 holiday season.

If you’re wondering about the best gifts for a fitness lover, green juice junkie or aspiring New Year’s goal setter in your life, look no further. 

127 Best Health & Fitness Gifts of 2020 for All the Fitness Lovers and Health Nuts in Your Life

Healthy Eating Made Easy

  1. Healthy Meal Delivery Service
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020-Pete’s Paleo
    Make eating healthy a no-brainer with a meal delivery subscription for a month, like Pete’s Paleo or The Good Kitchen for personal sized meals.
  2. Local Farm Subscription
    A local CSA Farm Box, like Farmhouse Delivery in Austin, delivers fresh seasonal veggies each week to add variety and nutrients back to your plate. Google search “local CSAs” in your city or check out Farmhouse Direct
  3. Meal Ideas & Recipes
    Take the thought out of meal planning with Prep Dish plans for all food likes and health needs.
  4. Non-Toxic Water Bottle
    Glasstic waterbottles and Hydroflask are my go-to’s for staying hydrated.
  5. Great Blender or Juicer

    Everyone’s heard of the Vitamix but have you heard of Breville—a blender and juicer option in one!?

  6. A Good Knife or Knife Set & Bamboo Cutting Board
    There’s nothing worse for meal prep than a dull knife. I love my Wusthof Knife and Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board.
  7. Instant Pot
    Dinner is served in less than 20-minutes with this guy if you like!
  8. Non-Toxic Cooking Pan
    The Always Pan is made without PFOAS, PTFES and toxic dyes for fresh clean cooking.
  9. Glassware Storage Containers
    Ditch the plastics for good. Use these instead.
  10. Ice Cream Maker
    A fun “staple” to keep on hand. Makes recipes like this delicious vanilla one or salted caramel one even more legit.
  11. Mini Electric Tea Maker
    Afternoon tea is served.
  12. Personal Chef
    (I couldn’t help but suggest it.) Even if for one or two weeks, hire someone to do all the grocery shopping and in house cooking. The Naked Bite is a great option in Austin.

Yummy Foods

  1. Amazing Olive Oil
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020-Kasandrinos
    Kasandrino’s is unparalleled in a world where rancid olive oil is rampant.
  2. Healthy Dressings & Marinades
    Primal Kitchen has too many options to count—from BBQ sauce to Tzatziki, Cesar, ranch, honey mustard, ketchup, mayo and everything in between.
  3. Immune & Digestion Boosting Tea
    Check out Pique Tea and build your own bundle.
  4. Mold-Free Pure Coffee
    All the energy without the toxic mold spores. Try Kicking Horse, Purity or Kion.
  5. Chips & Queso
    For the chips and queso lover in your life, save them from the hydrogenated vegetable oils and fake cheese in favor of Siete Food’s cassava flour based tortilla chips and cashew queso.
  6. Dark Chocolate
    You can’t go wrong with a really quality chocolate. Check out Keto Cups, Srsly Chocolate and Alter Eco.
  7. Hangover-Free Wine: Dry Farm Wine
    Dry Farm Wine offers all the good feels without the hangover.
  8. Homemade Paleo Treats
    Like this pumpkin bread, these classic chocolate chip cookies or puppy chow trail mix.
  9. All Purpose Seasoning
    Another great “DIY”: Magic Mushroom Powder, or you can buy it here.
  10. Top Notch Meats & Fish
    Vital Choice and S. Wellness Meats top my list for nationwide delivery.

Good Gut Health

  1. Quality Probiotic
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020-Seed Probiotic
    Check out Seed Probiotic, Bifido Maximus and Megaspore.
  2. Bloating Busters: Enzymes & Bitters
    Bust bloating with digestive enzymes and digestive bitters.
  3. Squatty Potty
    Your constipated friends will thank you later for their Squatty Potty
  4. Fermented Foods Starter Kit
    Cultures for Health leaves no stone unturned—from sauerkraut and pickles to sourdough and cheese—they cannot be beat.
  5. Bone Broth Box
    Bone broth is soothing for the gut lining and even easier to consume when delivered to your doorstep. Check out Fond Bone Broth and Kettle & Fire.

Non-Toxic Lifestyle

  1. Water Purifier

    Water is the #1 essential nutrient next to breath. Unfortunately, 75% of Americans drink water laced with cancer-causing chemicals in tap and plastic water bottles. Give the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their lives with a Berkey Water Purifier or Wake Water Co’s amazing hydrolyzed water faucet machines. This is one of the Best Health and Fitness Gifts of 2020 that you should get.
  2. Air Purification
    IQ Air’s Health Pro series cannot be beat and they have an awesome air purifier for your desk or car too!
  3. Personal Use Infrared Sauna
    Therasage makes portable personal use saunas that heat up to 170 degrees to help detox toxins out of the body.
  4. Detox Protocol
    Help your loved one on their cleansing journey with the 4-step protocol from Microbe Formulas.
  5. Dry Brush Lymph Cleanser
    Daily dry brushing keeps lymph flowing and toxins flowing
  6. Essential Oil Diffuser
    Not all essential oils are created equal. Choose a quality vetted brand like Young Living or DoTerra to go into your diffuser.
  7. Non-Toxic Candles
    Did you know that most candles are made of paraffin wax (a petroleum waste product that is chemically bleached), which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene (both are known carcinogens) when burned? But not these by Gojema or Lite & Cycle.
  8. Laundry & Home Cleaning Care
    Branch Basics has everything you need to help your loved ones replace toxic cleaning products. You’ll love their starter kits.
  9. Herb Garden Kit
    Start simple with an indoor herb garden kit. Amazon has tons of options like this Planter’s Choice Organic Herb Garden Kit or the 9 Herb Window Garden.
  10. Plant Life
    Bring in some natural oxygen and purification with plants. Hit a local organic greenhouse for Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Bamboo Plant or Snake Plant to keep VOC’s and mycotoxins at bay. This cute little windowsill planter is also the perfect accent for any space.
  11. Shower Water Purifier
    Our body eats what our skin eats—including toxins in our water. Purify your shower water with a removable shower head purifier.

Skin & Body Care

  1. Smooth, Supple Skin: Fat Co Body Butter
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020-Fatco
    You cannot go wrong with this tallow-based body butter by Fat Co. for smooth supple skin.
  2. W3ll People Makeup
    Non-toxic makeup doesn’t have to be subpar. W3ll People delivers all the color and natural beauty without the clogged pores and cancer-causing chemicals in the mix. Josie Maran’s argan-oil based foundations and skin care also feels and looks amazing without the toxic waste.
  3. Whiter Teeth (without the Toxins)
    The new Natural Teeth Whiteners company is a great alternative to toxic whitening treatments and The Dirt Toothpaste is delicious and great for your teeth in one (I like the Cinnamon flavor).
  4. Anti-Aging Skin Care
    Shop the Restore Collection over at Ann Marie--she’s got everything you need to kiss wrinkles and dry skin goodbye.
  5. Teen & Adult Acne
    The never ending skin battle can finally come to an end when you love your gut and put the good stuff—cleansers and toners—on yo’ face. Ann Marie does it again! Check out the “Seasonal Bundles” and pick the kits that best suit your people.
  6. Healthy Hands: Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer
    Definitely a must
  7. Custom Natural Skin Care Consultation
    Don’t go it alone. Rachel Varga is my vetted like-know-and-trust skin guru and Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist who will help you with your specific skin rejuvenation goals.

Healthy Kids

Kids get enough screen time. Foster creative play with some of these classics instead.

Health Hacks

    1. Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020 - Ahxll Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. Revolution Balance Board
  2. Eat Like a Dinosaur Cookbook
  3. Smart Sweets Gummies
  4. Mightier Gaming System (for brain health optimization)
  5. Red Light Night Light (Red light supports the highest level of melatonin production)
  6. Rebounder (flush lymph, toxins and have fun at the same time)
  7. Kid Sized Waterbottle
  8. Athletic Sports Mask
  9. Gratitude Journal
  10. Weighted Blanket
  11. Kid Friendly Hammock
  12. Grounding Kid Shoes
  13. Gardening Kits (Funky Veg Kit , Psychedelic Salad & Cocktail Garden by Plant Theatre)

Classic Toys

    1. Waldorf Dolls

Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020 - Waldorf Baby Doll

  1. Wooden Dollhouses
  2. Dress Up Clothes for Creative Play
  3. Lincoln Logs
  4. Telescope
  5. Magic Trick Set
  6. Paper Airplane Maker
  7. Scrapbook Paper & Set
  8. Wooden Train Set
  9. Puppet Theater and Puppets
  10. Slingshot
  11. Bow & Arrows
  12. Fossil Digging Kit
  13. Dream Catcher
  14. Indoor Treasure Hunt
  15. Ant Farm
  16. Adventure & Camping Kit

Gym & Fitness Life

  1. Personalized Fitness Plan: FitnessGenes
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020 - Fitnessgenesis
    Figuring out what exercise plans are most effective can be time-consuming and frustrating — especially for women who are already pressed for time. FitnessGenesis a biohacker tool that helps you find the right  workout regimen and diet by analyzing your DNA and providing genetically tailored diet and exercise plans to help make the most out of your fitness and nutrition.
  2. Fitness Subscription
    The fitness industry saw a 900% increase in home-based fitness and app workouts. Check out Sweat, Down Dog and Mirror for some (of many) fitness options.
  3. Affordable At Home Bike
    Everyone talks about the Peloton bike, but if not in your budget Myx is a great alternative. I also love me a good Assault bike if you want a bike that will kick your butt or a C2 Rowing Machine.
  4. Tenni Shoes
    Move over Nike and Reebok. So overrated compared to No Bull and APL!
  5. Kettlebell Set
    Finally no more shortages after the nationwide shortage during the pandemic! Kettlebells are perfect for a full body workout.
  6. Yoga Mat for Yoga Snobs
    Hands down, yogis rant and rave over the Everyday B-Mat for their flow.
  7. Stylish Gym Bag
    For the ladies, I love me some Dagne Dover. For the fellas, the King Kong Bag is king.
  8. Meal Prep Bag
    Six Pack Fitness has got you covered. All your meals you need for the day with the Large Bag or just a couple eats with the Mini Innovator meal bag.
  9. Recovery & Bodywork Session
    Book a session for your person with a local fitness bodyworker specializing in Active Release Technique, dry needling, massage or NeuFit
  10. Workout Wedding Bands
    No rusting rings here. Options for the ladies and the fellas.
  11. The Sport Mask
    Word on the street: Masks are the latest fashion trend. You can actually breathe in this SportsMask by Under Armour.
  12. Jewelry (You can sweat & lift in!)
    The ladies in your life will love the necklaces and cuffs in Laura Elizabeth’s collection—made to sweat, shower and live your yoga pant life in. Yogi’s and granola heads also love Maia beads like these by Blooming Lotus.
  13. Stretching is essential to performance. A ROMWOD Subscription is perfect to assist, along with a lacrosse ball and trigger point foam roller.
  14. Outdoor Voices Athleisure Wear
    Perfect wear for gym, street or Zoom call work days at home. Everyone loves the Doing Things hat
  15. Primal 7 Suspension Bands
    An all-in-one training solution to target the 7 primal movements.
  16. Cute Headbands & Scrunchies
    Fitness is 50% style with these headbands and scrunchies.

Less Stress

  1. Brain Tap Biofeedback Device
    Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020 - Brain Tap
    Rewire your brain to bust through inflammatory conditions, quell anxiety and boost immune function. The Brain Tap headset is here to help.
  2. Big Kid Coloring Book
    Because they are fun, like this one or this one.
  3. The Muse Meditation Headband
    Say om. This guided meditation headband can help you calm your mind and racing thoughts.
  4. Standing Desk & Yoga Ball
    Sitting for too long in a chair is stressful on the body. Mix it up with desk standing (full standing desk or makeshift standing desk) and yoga ball sitting solutions.
  5. Spa Day: Facial, Pedicure, Massage & Beyond
    Google search non-toxic and natural spas in your local area and snag a gift card for some pampering. In Austin, I love Milk & Honey.
  6. Full Spectrum CBD Oil
    Not all CBD oils are created equal, but you can trust Daily Habit to help chill out naturally.
  7. Sleep Mask
    Sleep is a nutrient for diminishing stress in the body. Optimize yours with a contoured eye mask. As a bonus, take Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy at bed time to encourage deeper sleep.

The Great Outdoors

  1. Hammock


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    The best hammocks and sleeping bags at your service courtesy of Kammok.

  2. Waterproof Back Pack
    Dagne Dover’s neoprene backpacks are worth a look.
  3. Sleep Mattress or Pad
    Amazing sleep on the Kingdom Insulated mattress or this easy-to-fold-up mattress pad is yours for the taking.
  4. Swiss Army Knife
    An oldie but a goodie Swiss Army Knife everyone should own.
  5. Camping Chair
    BYOC (bring your own chair) in style to your next gathering with this chair.
  6. Travel Berkey Water Filter
    Clean water made possible with the Berkey Travel Also check out LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.
  7. 18 in 1 Survival Kit
    Compass? Check. First aid supplies? Check. Fire starter? Check. And more with this Kosin kit.
  8. Portable Phone Charger
    When life hands you ZERO outlets to charge your phone, get a portable solution like this.
  9. Hunter Rain Boots & North Face Rain Jacket
    Classic staple rain boots and jackets that never go out of style.
  10. Portable Espresso Maker
    No need for Stabucks when you can make your own cup of Joe with this portable solution.
  11. Clean Protein Bars
    No fillers. No fake ingredients. No nonsense. Pure Paleo bars, Perfect Keto Bars and Epic Bars are great go-tos.
  12. Portable Cooler
    Lunch, drinks and overnight eats are easy to tote in this Yeti Hopper.


  1. Goal Setting & Planning
    For the organized planner, Erin Condren has it all. Her planner building site is like Build a Bear for adults. Passion Planner is also great for the goal setter.
  2. HRV Tracking Tool: Whoop Band
    Monitor your Heart Rate Variability in style with the Whoop Band. As an alternative Garmin’s Body Battery is also really stylish.
  3. Blue Blocker Glasses
    Bust Zoom fatigue and keep your circadian rhythms in check with these hot specs.
  4. Quality Sleep
    Chili Pad will help your body keep cool or warmed throughout the night for optimal body temp and quality sleep.
  5. Sun Alarm
    Wakey wake to natural light…
  6. Tony Robbins Breakthrough Transformation Courses
    Growth mindset here you go! Tony Robbins will empower your loved ones to be the best them—beyond any setback or with any lofty goal in their life.
  7. EMF Blockers
    Say “take that!” to EMF toxicity on your computer and phone.
  8. Intranasal Red Light Therapy Device
    The Vielight is a biohack tool that combines red light therapy and infrared light therapy to stimulate the brain and body for everything— from enhancing cognitive function, decreasing anxiety, eliminating microbes and fungus in the human body to killing cancer cells.

Good Reads

Cookbooks, personal growth, mindset and beyond.

    1. Ready or Not: 150+ Make-Ahead, Make-Over, And Make-Now Recipes by Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam

Best Health And Fitness Gifts Of 2020-Ready Or Not

  1. Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker
  2. Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out Cookbook by Cristina Curp
  3. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear
  4. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson
  5. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  7. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
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