The Lesson | Prep Week #1 Identify Your Gut Type

Slide #1: Overview

  • In this lesson, we are going to chat how to Identify Your Gut Type – the type of gut “imbalance” you may have if your body and gut are out of balance!

Slide #2: Root Cause

  • Every symptom or imbalance has a “root” cause. Example: headache, root cause-dehydration, hormone imbalances, bad liver/gallbladder health, gut inflammation

  • Functional medicine vs. conventional medicine: Seeks to figure out the “mechanism” vs. the disease name or symptoms; Example: IBS x 25 years vs. SIBO, dysbiosis, leaky gut

Slide #3: Gut is the Gateway to Total Health

  • The gut is the “gateway” to TOTAL health (many root causes stem there)
  • Contains 100 trillion microbes 
  • 500 million neurons (brain cells): gut-brain axis
  • 70-80% immune system (in gut tissue and microbe effect)
  • Majority of hormones activated in gut and liver
  • ‘Feeds’ mitochondria (body’s energy supply; eating but starving at cellular level=common) 
      • Influences metabolism and cravings (twin study; broccoli study; protein vs. plant-based dieters)
  • Up level the gut = up level total health. Health is an inside job.

Slide #4: Identify Your Gut Type 

Did you know that you have a specific Gut Type, just like you have a specific blood type, skin type or a body type—pear shaped, apple, banana? Your Gut Type is basically your default state of imbalance that shows its true colors primarily when your body gets out of balance. 

The 5 Gut Types include:

  1. The Digestive Gut
  2. The Immune Gut 
  3. The Toxic Gut
  4. The Hormonal & Metabolic Gut
  5. The Brain Gut

Slide #5: Digestive Gut

Primary Symptoms: most overt digestive problems and gut-related symptoms when you feel “out of balance” (constipation, bloating, gas, loose or hard stools, nausea, IBS, IBD, SIBO, gastritis, stomach pain, yeast, dysbiosis)

What it Means: You have an imbalanced microbiome or digestive dysfunction and you feel it directly in your gut!

Personality & Emotional Profile: 

  • In Balance: Friendly, Calm, Generous, Caring
  • Out of Balance: Worry, Anxiety, Feel clingy and too eager to please others, Envy

Bad Habits: Eating the same things every day, not listening to body, eating fast or on the go, difficulty being still, Dr. Googling answers, not drinking enough water, diet and supplement hopping, restrictive diets, taking antibiotics, going low carb (low fiber) for too long, binge scrolling on social media, dependence on coffee, laxatives or enemas to go #2

Ways to Heal: 

    • Diet:  short-term low FODMAP while addressing the underlying root causes, eat a varied diet, 
    • Gut Love: Apple cider vinegar shots or HCl capsules, digestive enzymes, soil-based probiotics, short chain fatty acids, ginger tea, meat broth, chew your food really well, eating not on-the-go;fermented foods (as tolerated), minerals added to water
  • Sleeping Enough: Aids in constipation and bloating relief

Slide #6: Immune Gut 

Primary Symptoms:  The gut type with the most overt immune-related symptoms when you feel “out of balance” (such as: food intolerances, asthma/shortness of breath, histamine reactions and sensitivities (to environment and foods), skin breakouts, autoimmune disease, allergies, sinus congestion)

What it Means: You have intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and dysbiosis in the large intestine. Since 70 to 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut, if you have a “leaky” gut, then your immune system goes haywire. Interestingly, the lung microbiome is closely linked to the large intestine, so is the skin (which is why asthma and skin breakouts are immune issues) 

Personality & Emotional Profile:

  • In Balance: Cheerful, Meticulous, Strong Willed, Focused, Get Things Done
  • Out of Balance: Sadness, Anxiety, OCD/Super routine oriented

Bad Habits: Relying on medications (Flonase, Benadryl, etc.), antibiotics or supplements to try to suppress symptoms; being on-the-go (not slowing down); eating foods that don’t make you feel great; not saying “no” (burning a candle at both ends), poor sleep

Ways to Heal: 

  • Autoimmune paleo (AIP) based diet for 30-60 days to identify sensitivities; 
  • Gut supports: meat broth or bone broth, collagen, colostrum, synbiotic probiotic, short chain fatty acids, liposomal curcumin, liposomal glutathione, extra virgin cod liver oil, Vitamin A, C, K & D
  • Play hookey – a day off, time off

Slide #7: Detox Gut

Primary Symptoms: The person with a Detox Gut is usually the person who reports “nothing helping” them feel better, or struggling with health conditions for one year or longer. 

What it Means: The Detox Gut represents the gut type with liver and/or gallbladder congestion—you need some detox love! The Detox Gut also has a very strong link with a super leaky gut (“metabolic endotoxemia).  

Personality & Emotional Profile:

  • In Balance: Leader, Hard Worker, Planner, Visionary, Resilient, Actualizer, Goal Setter, Live in the Future 
  • Out of Balance: Frustrated, Irritable, Angry, Depression, Stubborn, Workaholic, Indecisive, Impatient

Bad Habits: Overthinking, not taking time to rest/relax, people pleasing, hardest on self, decision fatigue and indecisiveness, eating the same foods every day, not easily accepting of help, poor sleep, turning to lots of supplements

Ways to Heal: 

  • Autoimmune paleo (AIP)/Low histamine based diet for 30-60 days to identify sensitivities; 
  • Optimize Foundations: stomach acid, enzymes, gallbladder support, low histamine probiotics, short chain fatty acids, minerals, immunoglobulins, drainage + binder support
  • Limbic system retraining – timeline therapy, Brain Tap, yoga, Alpha Stim, Muse, DNRS

Slide #8: Hormonal & Metabolic Gut

Primary Symptoms: The Hormonal & Metabolic Gut represents the gut type with hormone and metabolism “imbalances,” including: slow metabolism, thyroid problems, PMS, PCOS, hormone imbalances

What it Means: You have an imbalanced gut disrupting your hormones. Your gut is home to the production of over 30 hormones,  and your liver and gallbladder is also essential for the synthesis and clearance of your hormones. 

Personality & Emotional Profile: stubborn, independent, impulsive, easily frustrated, 

  • In Balance: Loyal, Wise, Small Inner Circle, Self-reflective, Dreamer, Artistic, Easy-going, Works better alone, Deep, Patient, Good advice givers, Strong, Adaptable, Intuitive, Clear, Independent, Constantly Fluctuating 
  • Out of Balance: Withdrawn, Fearful, Overpowered, Heavy, Passive, Anxious, Lack Willpower, Stubborn, Low Confidence and Boldness 

Bad Habits: Hardest on self, insecure, comparison, eating fast, sweet tooth, coffee dependence, chronic Dr. Google searcher, under-eating, overtraining, not listening to body, difficult time sticking to things                

Ways to Heal: 

  • Moderate-low carb diet 5-9 veggies/day (fiber), 1 starch, 1 fruit, protein w/ each meal
  • Comparison Kills Calling:  Delete social media apps
  • Supplement Supports: Mitochondria support, minerals stomach acid, cordyceps/adrenal adaptogens 

Slide #9: Brain Gut

Primary Symptoms: The person with the Brain-Gut feels a variety of inflammatory symptoms related to stress in the central nervous system, stress hormones and metabolic pathways (for example: Chest Pain, Nausea, Ulcers, Reflux/Heart Burn, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Inflammation (skin, joints, gut), SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), H. Pylori, Heart Palpitations/Irregular Pulse, Red Face, Mouth Sores, Thirst, Constipation or IBS, Dryness, Numbness/Tingling, Hyperactivity, Sleep Problems, Cravings for Mood-Altering Substances)

What it Means: You have disruption in the brain gut connection thanks to HPA Axis dysregulation (ie. stress). In turn, this sparks inflammation and effects digestive function as a whole (often leading slowed GI motility, gut inflammation–like reflux and a disrupted gut microbiota). 

Personality & Emotional Profile: 

  • In Balance: Loves Attention, Talkative, Sensitive, Quick, Energetic, Constantly Alert, Sharp Mind, Good Leaders, Planners, Love Working w/ People & Solving Problems, Life of the Party, Good Public Speaker, Optimistic, Generous, Good Sense of Humor
  • Out of Balance: Jealous, Dramatic, Impulsive, Bottle Up Emotions, Generate Deep Discomfort Toward Situations in Life, Lack Drive, Excitability, Flirtation, Lack of Communication, Hot-cold, love-hate emotions or relationships, Inappropriate laughter, joking, ‘clowning’, Loneliness

Ways to Heal: 

  • Balanced diet Protein, fat and fiber–do well with all nutrients 
  • Calm Internal Fire: Breathwork, meditation, yoga, ‘recess’ breaks and creative outlets, avoid people who stress you out/negative news and social media
  • Supplement Supports: Mitochondria support, minerals, HCL, cordyceps/adrenal adaptogens/CBD oil, probiotics specific for your needs

Slide #10: Wild Card Gut

  • Multiple gut types? “Wild Card” Gut. You certainly can experience multiple symptoms from all Gut Types; but your primary Gut Type is just your primary first-line tendency of imbalance. Your gut type answers the question: What is that “thing” you always seem to struggle with or can’t really shake?!
  • Project: Identify Your Gut Type Quiz + 3 Day Food, Mood & Poo Log
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