The Inspiration Behind TGR: My Story

The Total Gut Reset is the healing program I always wanted, but never had in my 25 years of chronic “un-wellness.”

In that time, I struggled with every condition under the sun!

  • Gut problems galore (IBS, bloating, SIBO, constipation)
  • Chronic anorexia and orthorexia (15 years) that almost killed me
  • Autoimmune diseases galore (Celiac, colitis, Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, ‘Lupus’ symptomology)
  • Anemia
  • Hormone imbalances (estrogen dominance, losing my period, hypothyroidism, ‘adrenal fatigue’)
  • Mold toxicity illness
  • Lyme disease and co-infections 
  • Migraines
  • Weight and metabolism problems 
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer scares
  • Not feeling like myself

I saw over 70 different specialists and doctors over all those years with little to no resolve. I exhausted savings accounts and credit cards that set me back financially. I tried every single diet under the sun to “heal” and feel good in my own skin—the low fat diet, vegan and vegetarian, fasting, keto, Atkins’, fruitarian, autoimmune paleo, carnivore, Low FODMAP, GAPS, and beyond–all of which worked for a short time, only to feel worse in the long term. In fact, at age 23, my chronic anorexia almost took my life…and years later, I came down with all sorts of side effects from long term starvation and deprivation—and 10 diagnoses doctors could not explain.

To say the least, I felt stuck…perhaps like many of you. 

You see, when you experience chronic illness—or what I call chronic un-wellness, there is a limiting belief— a hope that is dimmed. 

If you’re anything like me, you begin to think, “I guess this is just how it is.” Or if you’re anything like lots of other people in my life—my doctors, those who knew me as sick Lauryn—you begin to think, “I guess this is just how it is.”

I’ll never forget one night in the hospital, Dr. Hung telling me, “Lauryn, there is sometimes conventional medicine will fail you…this is one of them.”

Which is why…I am here today. And you are here today.

Because conventional medicine does not have to fail you. Diets don’t have to fail you. Trying to do “all the things” doesn’t have to fail you. There is a way out. A different way. A better way. And you have the power to change today. 

Our greatest setbacks can be our biggest come backs. 

I’’ll never forget that fateful day. Age 23, death’s doorstep. Me—79 pounds, death’s doorstep, stabbing chest pains, shortness of breath. For the first time, scared for my life. Everything flashed back to that 10 year old girl. 

On my way to the gym at 4 am one morning I prayed, “God help me make a change.” 

I didn’t make it to my workout….Instead  8 individuals surrounded me—8 gym-goers who I now call my YMCA Angels—stepped in, spoke up, said they wanted to help. 

Within 48 hours, I was in the hospital with a heart rate in the 30’s and doctors saying I may not make it…

But amidst the chaos, something inside me knew it was going to be ok…the Big Man Upstairs had different plans…and I was finally getting a second chance… A new opportunity to trying a different strategy instead…mentally and physically.

Heal Your Root is the program I always wanted but never had. It is an extension of the healing that has occured in my life of 25+ years of chronic illness…and my hope that it’s a new strategy to help you turn your greatest setbacks into your biggest comebacks too. 


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