Stress Less | The Gut Check Method Prep Week #1

Slide #1:

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something but you couldn’t explain why? 

  • A “knee jerk” reaction to say “no,” instead of “yes” or not follow the crowd? 
  • An intuition —to go with an answer “C” on a test ?
  • A“gut craving” for warm soup on a cold day or juicy watermelon in the heat of summer? 

Take a minute or two to think about an example or two when this was the case.

Slide #2:

Are You Listening?

Your body and your mind are constantly speaking…Are you REALLY listening? 

The more we listen to our body, the more balanced we feel—we eat foods and do workouts that nourish and energize us…we get the right amount of sleep…we feel less stressed. 

Slide #3:

For example, one day for lunch you eat a salad…the next a burger…the next, leftovers—your body meeting it’s nutrient needs in a variety of ways.

Slide #4:

For workouts, one day, you give you’re all in a CrossFit or HIIT workout…the next, your body asks to dance, stretch or hike…the next it’s got more energy to lift heavy weights and HIIT it again…variety once more.

I call this “listening to the wisdom of your body”—and trusting your gut intuition!

Beyond planning and overthinking, we all have a natural born “intuition” that holds profound influence over how we feel…if only we would be more mindful to listen!

Slide #5:

Whenever something is “off” in how you feel, your first approach should be to ask: 


  • Why do I feel bloated or constipated?
  • Why is my skin breaking out? 
  • Why do I have a headache? 

Slide #6:

More often than not, that answer is found somewhere in us being out of touch with our body—out of touch with our intuition, especially the 7 essentials that I call your 7 “Gut Love” superpowers. 

These include:

  1. Breath—are you breathing and oxygenating your tissues appropriately?
  2. Hydration—Are you drinking enough water?
  3. Absorption—Are you chewing your food really well?  Do you have enough enzymes and stomach acid? 
  4. Nutrients—are you eating gut loving foods?
  5. Poo—Are you pooping daily? 
  6. Sleep—Unbroken 7-9 hours most nights
  7. Movement—Moving daily—whether you have 7 minutes or 60…and not too much? 

It’s the little everyday lifestyle things that make a big difference in how we feel. 

If listening to your body sounds impossible now…think back to how easy it was to listen to your body in your childhood. 

Slide #6:

The #1 Kid Superpower: Intuition & Mindfulness

Kids have a superpower ability to “go with their gut” feelings—especially when it comes to self-care.

Kids eat when they are hungry. They stop eating when they are full.

Kids run and play when they have energy…and they drop hard to sleep when they are tired. 

Kids listen to their bodies—

Unfortunately, we grow up, and somewhere along the way many of us adults stop tuning in or listening to it…until now…

Slide #7:

Get Back in Touch with Your Intuition & Mindfulness

One of my favorite simple intuitive body listening strategies is the Gut Check Method. 

Gut Check

At meal times, pause to simply check in with your body and ask it how it feels…and what it wants…

Close your eyes if you need to in order to really be able to listen. 

I call this the “Gut Check Method” because it’s all about getting connected to your core wants and needs… 

You can practice it any time you feel a little overwhelmed, confused or indecisive about what your body needs.

Again, simply just check in and ask your body, ‘What do you want? What do you need?”

 If you still struggle to figure out what you want…ask your healthy gut bugs what they want!

Slide #8:

You can also practice the Gut Check Method for non food related questions too—and if in doubt, the 5-second rule works wonders

When faced with a decision, give yourself 5 seconds to decide. No more. 

Just make a decision and go with your gut—

Spin class or HIIT? HIIT!

Chicken or salmon? Salmon!

Chick flick or drama? Chick flick!

Trust your gut. Trust your gut. Trust your gut. 


Practice the gut check method whenever you have a decision to make…ask yourself: 

  1. How do I feel? 
  2. Why do I feel this way?
  3. What do I need? 

(Whether you’re trying to decide which shoes to wear or what to eat for lunch). 

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