Project + Habit – Prep Week #2


At-home assessments, challenges and experiments to build your Custom Body Blueprint.

Complete your remaining “baseline assessments”:

  • Assessment #1: Stress Scavenger Hunt (use the Stress Scavenger Hunt cheat sheet). 
  • Assessment #2: Health Story Timeline (optional: use the Matrix to organize your thoughts) 
  • Assessment #3: Make Mantra 
    • Note: A mantra is a phrase, reflective question or statement that is your “battle cry” for your program and reminds you of what your working towards, such as “What would healthy me do?” or “Healing” or “Moving forward.” 

Submit your projects with your coach prior to your next appointment, and record and update findings in your Custom Body Blueprint

Gut Love Habit

Little habits to do daily throughout the week. 

Establish Your Morning Routine

You happen to the day vs letting the day happen to you! Start your day off with a phone-free morning routine (at least no e-mail, social media, news checking or texting). Do 2 to 3 ‘morning rituals’ to get your mind and body ‘right’ for the day ahead.

Morning Routine Ideas: 

  • Drink 16 oz. of lemon water + pinch of sea salt. 
  • Move it. Move your body in some way (whether you have 7 minutes or 60—do yoga, a workout, go on a walk). Optional: Energy Boosting Workouts If you need some workout inspiration to add in to your morning routine, we’re including some workouts for you.
  • Say om. Do a 10 minute meditation, reading, devotional or prayer time
  • Sungazing and “earthing” (gaze at sun within the first hour of sunrise and put your barefoot on the ground to boost energy naturally). 
  • Create a sticky note “to-do” list. List the top 3 things you’d love to accomplish today (just 3).

Bonus: Continue to Get Prepped

  • Complete any lab testing you and your clinician have discussed (contact them if needed to confirm)
  • Build out your supplement and meal schedule
  • Prep or plan meals and your grocery list

Note: Review your 28 Day Gut Kickstart Blueprint Nutrition Guide and other cheat sheets as needed, especially the Meal Prep Hacks and Simple Meal Ideas.

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