Project + Habit – Prep Week #1

At-home assessments, challenges and experiments to build your Custom Body Blueprint. Complete your 2 “baseline assessments”:

Submit your projects with your coach prior to your next appointment, and record and update findings in your Custom Body Blueprint

Gut Love Habit

Little habits to do daily throughout the week. 

Practice the Gut Check Method at meals. 

Before meals or during any decisions you make today, pause for 30-60 seconds to check in with your gut: 

  1. How do you feel? 
  2. Why do you feel this way?
  3. What do you need? 

You can use this exercise for any decision you make–from which shoes to buy to whether to make a smoothie or omelet for breakfast. 

Bonus: Get prepped! Review your 28 Day Gut Kickstart Blueprint Nutrition Guide and cheat sheets this week to start prepping your mind, body and calendar to succeed. Reminder: You get 2 prep weeks to get everything ready! 

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