Not all supplements are created equal. In fact upwards of 90-95% of supplements in stores do NOT contain the nutrients they claim. In this episode, Dr. Scott Treadway teaches us how to read a supplement label and shares the facts on what goes on behind closed doors in the supplement industry.
For the past thirty five years Dr. Scott Treadway has taught, consulted, formulated and lectured in the field of Traditional Medicine, including general nutrition, health, and sports nutrition with a specialty in traditional Asian medicine and private label nutritional supplement lines for health and beauty product companies.   Dr. Treadway’s experience includes primary formulations, advisor and consultant to various institutes, companies and prominent individuals in the natural health industry.  He has researched and co-developed and published booksarticles and informational studies on traditional medicine and produced many very effective contemporary and traditional natural medicinal products and devices related to his fields of study.