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Check out the programs & resources below to help you feel good inside & out (now).

Dr. Lauryn’s Clinic: One-on-One

Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Coaching & Therapy. Work closely with Dr. Lauryn, OTD, NTP & Her Team Online or in our Austin Clinic.

Clinic Features

  • Addressing the Roots of Disease (Not Symptoms).

  • Lab Testing & Whole Body Healing Protocols

  • Custom Nutrition, Supplement & Lifestyle Plan

  • Virtual  Coaching Program & Therapy Support

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Program Testimonials


“When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, my doctor told me I’d have to me on medicine for the rest of my life and basically I was stuck with the condition. Thanks to Dr. Lauryn’s help, I am not only medicine free, but I have more energy than ever and the IBS I had for years is gone…”

Thrive Program

Feel toned, healthy, confident and full of energy in 30-days. .

Program Features

  • 30 Daily Mindset Missions + Thrive Projects to Bring Goals into Action!

  • 30-Day Intuitive Eating & Do-Anywhere Fitness Plan

  • Weekly Easy Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, 10-Minute Recipes & Daily Journal

  • Not to Mention…Tons More Body Love, Food Freedom & Kick-butt Confidence

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What People Have to Say About The Program

Sarah T.

“It’s so much more than just another program or diet, it changes your lifestyle. I learned to eat what made my body feel good, exercise for enjoyment, and how to live freely with a new mindset…”

Break the Rules

Dr. Lauryn’s latest book gives you practical tools to make “listening to your body” easy.

Book Features

  • Guidance in How to Ditch Your Food and Fitness Rules.

  • 4-Step Intuitive Eating & Body Trust Method

  • The Truth About Carbs, Fat, Protein, Calories, Cheat Meals & More

  • Permission to Eat without Stress…Yes Way

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Book Review

Kasey S.

“There’s so much noise out there about what we “should do.” One minute it’s paleo, the next it’s vegan, keto, intermittent fasting…It’s hard to keep up! I learned how to stop listening to everyone elses’ rules for me, and instead create my own for myself.”

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