50 Best AIP Recipes: Healthy Holiday Edition (Indigestion NOT Included )

50 Best AIP Recipes: Healthy Holiday Edition (Indigestion NOT Included )

50 Best AIP Recipes: Healthy Holiday Edition (Indigestion NOT Included )

The holidays and food comas tend to go hand in hand for many folks.

Tis the season for eating and trying a smorgasbord of different foods we only see once or twice per year.

From cheesy sausage balls, to creamy corn casserole, French Onion Dip, baked brie, Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, and one-too-many Snickerdoodles at the cookie exchange party, come December 26th, we feel the effects.

Brain fog, general fatigue, puffiness, constipation, weighed down, stiff joints—all the things.

The opposite of refreshed, cleansed, energized, light and fancy-free.

Until now.

Here are 50 (anti-inflammatory) Delicious AIP Recipes you can whip up for ALL your holiday festivities (that WON’T leave you bloated, lethargic or on a sugar high).

The best part?

They are ALL 100% gut-friendly (allergen-free and inflammatory-free) AND…your friends and family will NEVER know that it’s healthy or good for them!

50 Healthy & Delicious AIP Holiday Recipes

AIP Appetizers for Holiday Happy Hours

Bring on the apps! Without the gas-inducing cheese or greasy fried crusting.

AIP Hanukkah Recipe Staples

A makeover of the staples.

AIP Cookie (Monster) Recipes

Naturally gluten-free and allergen free for stomach ease (without sacrificing taste).

AIP Breakfasts for Christmas Morning


Mouthwatering morning starts.

AIP Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Move over Jell-O Mold. Real food to compliment your sustainable proteins.

AIP Dinner Mains for Christmas Eve

Wild-caught, pasture-raised and grass-fed meats to serve as the base for your tasty holiday side-dish happenings.

AIP Desserts: Easy as Pie

Warm Up: AIP Hot Chocolate & AIP Soups

Baby it’s cold outside, but warm with these.

Bada bing bada boom!

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