Ok it’s not quite the holidays, but like it or not, they are upon us, and I am getting into the spirit…Especially considering I am going to NEW YORK CITY next week to celebrate turkey day (the place to be during “the most wonderful time of year”).

Faves Friday is back here on the blog as well, and if you missed a beat this week, here is your recap from the blog:

Monday: PCOS 101. Struggle with “hormone imbalances”? Been diagnosed with PCOS? If so, read up on this.

Tuesday: Thrive’s Holiday Survival Guide 101  Thrive’s must-do tips and tricks for surviving the holiday rollercoaster (and living to tell about it).

Wednesday: Move More and Eat Less (& Why that doesn’t work) You’ve been lied to. Why this old school philosophy is keeping you (and your metabolism stuck).

Thursday: Cure Anxiety Naturally: 6 Tips (No Meds Required) It’s not all in your head. And you are not alone. 1 in 5 people struggle with anxiety. What to do about it.

While we’re at it: Rounding up the week…Let’s round up a few of my favorite holiday recipes that you should totally consider including into your holiday feast this next week (below). (Bonus: They are ALL gluten-free and AIP (autoimmune protocol) friendly!! (i.e. No gut issues…Whoop whoop)!

Annnd…Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD your FREE Thrive Holiday Survival Guide (inclusive to MY personal favorite recipes, AND 20 holiday workouts to get you through your time out of your routine).

Without further ado…I present: My favorite AIP-friendly Holiday Recipes (31 to be exact)…


  • Easy Herb Chicken Thighs by How We Flourish

Vegetables & Sides

A Little Something Sweet