• Do you have an…
    • Insatiable sweet tooth?
    • Dip in energy every morning, or need a nap come 3 p.m.?
    • Sugar monster come out every night after dinner?
    The 10-Day Sugar Cleanse will help you “refresh” your body (without going into crazy diet mode). Learn how to have your cake and eat it too over the course of 10 days, while also…getting a healthy grip on sugar craving and boosting energy. Bonus: Also includes 50 easy and delicious eats and treats for your body.
  • Delicious, nutritious AND EASY meals to make your “Break the Rules” Nutrition Guide work for you (without spending hours in the kitchen or burning a hole in your wallet).
  • Rules were meant to be broken—especially when it comes to food and intuitive eating. Use this 31 Day Intuitive Eating Journal & Program Guide to put your “Break the Rules” Nutrition Plan into action. This 31-Day Intuitive Eating Journal & Program Guide is jam packed with:
    • 31 Daily Nutrition “Fuel” Tips
    • 31-Daily Rule Break Projects (Action Steps)
    • 31 Do-Anywhere “Intuitive Movement” Workouts (optional)
    • Journal with  Space for Mindful Food Logging
    Consider it your fast track for quieting the noise in the health, food and fitness world!
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