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  • Fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science. This guide is all about ease and simplicity. Take the thought out of “what to do” in the gym with 101 workouts you can do ANYWHERE (home, a hotel, the airport or any gym you choose). Bonus: Also includes 101 Meal Ideas & Recipes you can make in a pinch! Let your fitness and nutrition elevate your life to greatness with this guide (instead of being your life).
  • 3 Day Gut Cleanse

    Your gut is the epi-center of your health. And when your gut is off, your body is off. Digestive woes, breakouts, headaches, sugar cravings, hormonal imbalances, low energy and more be gone! Jumpstart your gut healing in just 3 days: Complete with a step-by-step guide, daily meal plan, daily workouts, gut-healing recipes, supplement recommendations and daily e-mails to keep your head in the game!
  • 31 Day Nutrition Program to Food Freedom! Re-learn how to eat intuitively; Ditch diets; Transform your body; And ignite your life. This 31 Day Nutrition Program Guide includes:
    • 31-Day Nutrition Template: “How” and what to eat for the next 31 days
    • Complete Food List (with 300+ foods to choose from)
    • 4-Weeks of Meal Ideas & Meal Prep Tips
    • Education & insights on why carbs, butter, ice cream and steak are not to be feared
    • Complete permission to have your cake (and eat it too) with “80/20 philosophy”