Dr. Lauryn, OTD, NTP is a “Lifestyle & Nutrition Doctor,” nationally recognized health journalist, and mover and shaker, on a mission to transform “sick care” into healthcare. She empowers people worldwide take their health into their own hands so they can feel good, inside and out

As a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nutritionist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lauryn’s work is inspired by her 20+ years of personal and clinical experience, spent recovering from several chronic and complex illnesses (including: autoimmune disease, diabetes, gut infections, IBS, hypothyroidism and eating disorders). After seeing over 20 doctors nationwide and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, with little help and few answers, Lauryn decided she had no other option than to take her health back  into her own hands. Through extensive study and research, continual self-experimentation, formal training, and her unrelenting faith, she recovered from her debilitating conditions.

Today, she shares what she’s learned with others to help them do the same (no matter their health challenge). Lauryn earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, and PhD in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. She currently lives in Austin, where she operates her private functional medicine and nutrition practice, and still keeps her journalism skills alive: blogging, podcasting, writing books and health articles for publications nationwide. 



Lauryn is an expert in quieting the noise in the health, food and fitness world. She specializes in simplifying otherwise “complicated” health and nutrition information, giving people simple, actionable tools and steps to thrive in their own lives—physically, mentally and emotionally. Lauryn is also an excellent motivational speaker. She brings an inspirational message of overcoming life’s worst, in order to experience life’s best. Her down-to-earth approach, clinical expertise and human-experience make her relatable in various settings.


Lauryn is available for a variety motivational, as well as educational, talks and workshops in a variety of settings, including: schools, workplaces, churches and youth groups, professional conferences, college campuses and sororities, treatment centers, healthcare practices, after-school programs, fitness center, Girl Scouts and more. Speaking topic examples may include:

  • Healing Your Gut for Total Health Transformation
  • Breaking the Rules: Quieting the Noise in the Health, Food & Fitness World
  • Good Enough: Yes. You.
  • Intuitive & Mindful Eating
  • The Psychology of Eating
  • Simple Nutrition Changes That Yield Big Results
  • Adrenal Fatigue is Real: Here’s How to Heal It
  • Family Fuel: Nutrition for the Whole Family
  • The Metabolic Reset (No Diets Included)
  • Overcoming Autoimmune Disease
  • & More!

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ABC News: March 28, 2014

Austin Fit Magazine: Regular Contributor 2015-present

Box Life Magazine: Contributor 2012-2015

Box Life Women: Regular Contributor 2015

Breaking Muscle:

Central Athlete: 2015 Regular Contributor

CBN (700 Club): ;

CBS News: May 2, 2014

Christian Post May 6, 2014

Guideposts: August 2014,

New York Post: Nov. 10, 2015

PaleoMag (regular contributor, 2015-present): A few clips of articles I’ve written: Base Culture, The Dirt, Microwaves Safe or Not? (pg. 10-11) July 16, 2012

WOD Talk: Regular Contributor

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