Clinic Policies

You are required to acknowledge and agree to the following policies before submitting your application.


We do not take insurance of any kind, including Medicare, for our functional medicine services. We can however provide you with a paid insurance invoice (“super-bill”) after each appointment for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement, but you will need to check with your insurance company for their guidelines on what they will reimburse to you.

We do accept limited insurance coverage for our coaching and occupational therapy services and may be able deduct a portion of your payments from your insurance coverage if your plan is in network. We are in network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana in Texas. It is always best to verify your own benefits specifically for “occupational therapy services” with your own provider as well as any co-pay’s associated with your visits.

If requested, you will be provided with a billing summary (Superbill) that you can submit to your insurance carrier. None of our practitioners submit their medical notes to insurance companies. If your insurance company requests notes we will release you the copies and you can share at your discretion. It is your responsibility to know your plan benefits and to obtain insurance advice from your own licensed insurance agent, broker or human resource professional. Patients are responsible for all charges and fees incurred for treatments or services rendered, if your insurance company determines that any services are non-covered or excluded. Some of the lab tests that are ordered, particularly those that are used in support of wellness consultations or are kits sent to labs using innovative approaches to diagnostics, may also not be reimbursed.

Payment for Services2019-06-10T01:33:52-05:00

Payment is due at time of service or the commencement of your program. We require a credit card be kept on file for all patients at the time of booking. If you wish us to charge a different card, please contact the office at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) payments. We do not guarantee reimbursement for any services rendered by our clinic. We are not Medicare providers. Our services cannot be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement. Fees are subject to change. If payment fails due to an inactive card, you may incur a $25 bounce fee along with your bill owed.

Lab Testing2019-06-10T01:34:53-05:00

We strive to give you the tools, information, education and resources you need to take your health back into your own hands. Part of your work towards wellness may include diagnostic testing and assessments to help get to the root of any health or lifestyle imbalances you may be experiencing.

Under our nutrition and functional medicine services and scope of practice, we offer a variety of lab testing assessments for our patients that are intended to give you more informed information on your own health and wellness, including:

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
DUTCH Hormone/Cortisol Testing
Organic Acids Testing
Functional Blood Chemistry Testing
Genetic Testing
SIBO Breath Testing
Heavy Metals Testing
Nutrient Elements Testing
Food Intolerance Testing
Mold Testing
All lab testing assessments will be verified with you before ordering any testing kits for you to complete at home or in your community (such as blood testing at a local lab). Once ordered, there is a 3 month refund policy on lab test kits ordered in your name for quality control purposes.

Q. How much do lab tests cost? Most clients plan to invest $800-$3000 to get started with a baseline, depending on your circumstances. A complete lab testing package (4 tests) are included with your 90 Day Thrive Transformation Program, and 1 lab test is included with your 6 Week Kickstart.

Medication Management2019-06-10T01:35:39-05:00

Prescription medications are not handled or prescribed by Thrive Wellness & Recovery. We cannot modify your medications directly, and it is advised you consult with your primary healthcare provider for any prescriptions or medication fulfillments and management.We can not guarantee that refill requests sent any other way will be received and processed.

Business Hours2019-06-10T01:36:27-05:00

We do our best to offer a variety of times for busy schedules, including morning, afternoon, early evening and some Saturday morning appointment slots. Business hours range between 8 am to 6 pm CST, and Monday through Fridays and, we offer select appointment times on some Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST.

Scope of Practice2019-06-10T01:37:14-05:00

As a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, Lauryn is trained to evaluate your lifestyle, mental wellbeing, nutritional needs and physical fitness in order to make recommendations around lifestyle, dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, health-promoting activities and fitness design. Lauryn is not a medical doctor, licensed by the American Medical Association, nor does she claim to be. The term “Dr.” designates her PhD in Occupational Therapy, earned by Belmont University, and she is addressed as “Dr.” in academic, published and online educational contexts. Lauryn remains within her scope of practice as an occupational therapist and nutritionist, using a functional medicine paradigm to integrate lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, scientifically-backed and education-based solutions as her primary therapies with clients.

An Occupational Therapist is licensed and board certified by both the national licensure board and the state board as well. Occupational Therapists must sit for a national board exam and maintain good standing with professional liability insurance. Nutritional Therapy Practitioner® are trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.® which provides a certificate of completion to students who have successfully met all course requirements, including a written and practical exam. Functional Medicine Practitioners are trained in the advancements and foundations of evidence-based medicine and integrative medicine practices through the Institute for Functional Medicine and The Kresser Institute. The focus of functional medicine is not meant to be a replacement of your primary care physician and works in conjunction with both conventional and integrative medicine to help individuals address the roots of disease and imbalance rather than focusing on treating symptoms, incorporating natural lifestyle and nutritional modalities as primary treatment protocols. An Occupational Therapist, Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner is not trained to provide medical diagnoses or prescribe pharmaceutical medications, and no comment or recommendation should be construed as being a medical diagnosis. Since every individual is unique, we cannot guarantee any specific result from our programs. Ultimately, our therapeutic programs and holistic healthcare services are a personal process. There are no guarantees that Functional Medicine, Occupational Therapy or Nutritional Therapy, or the information on this website, will work for you.

Late Appointment Start Time2019-06-10T01:37:56-05:00

Please be aware that your provider reviews your case, interprets labs, completes chart notes, communicates with other providers on your behalf, and researches additional areas specific to your health goals as part of your scheduled appointment time. This means your practitioner begins working on your case before your visit and continues to do so after your time with them is complete. If you are late to your visit, you will be seen for the remainder of the appointment time and charged for the scheduled visit. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your visit this will require you to reschedule and you will be required to pay for the visit. If your appointment is over the scheduled time, you will be billed in 15 minute increments based on the time required by the provider to coordinate your care.

Timely Visit Schedule2019-06-10T01:38:40-05:00

We take great care in designing a plan that is best suited for your individualized needs. As such, we will make recommendations for follow-up at the end of each visit. As an active participant in your health and in order to achieve your health goals, we expect you will make your follow up visits per your provider’s recommendations. Repeated failure to follow up in a timely manner may necessitate scheduling a repeat of case review appointments or dismissal from Thrive Wellness & Recovery

Return Visits2019-06-10T01:39:13-05:00

We require a minimum of 2 business days (M-F, 8-6 pm CST, excluding Saturdays and Sundays) notice for return patients when canceling or rescheduling appointments. As an illustration, if an appointment is on a Monday, canceling during business hours on the prior Thursday provides 2 business days’ notice. You understand that if you cancel an appointment during business hours only one business day prior to the scheduled visit, or if you fail to show or cancel on the day of the appointment, you will be charged a fee equal to 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment for the first occurrence, and the full visit fee will be charged for any subsequent missed appointment. If we do not receive the minimum required notice, you will incur a credit card charge of 100% of the scheduled office visit cost by 5pm on that business day.

Existing Patient Policy2019-06-10T01:40:55-05:00

At Thrive Wellness & Recovery, we respect your time, and we trust that you respect ours.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please contact the office directly by calling us at 512-359-3539 or by messaging us through your Patient Portal. Please understand that this policy is in place as a means of respecting the time and efforts of your practitioner and their office staff, as well as other patients who could have received treatment during that time. Should the need to reschedule your appointment arise, we do our best to give at least 2 business days notice and work to accommodate you to the best of our ability in rescheduling you in a timely manner. s an illustration, if an appointment is on a Monday, canceling during business hours on the prior Thursday provides two business days’ notice.

New Patient Cancellation Policy2019-06-10T01:41:38-05:00

We require a minimum of 7 days notice for new patients when canceling or rescheduling Initial Consult & Case Review appointments. If we do not receive a minimum of 7 days notice, you will incur a credit card charge of 50% of the appointment fee for the first late cancellation and 100% of the appointment fee for subsequent late cancellations. As an illustration, if an appointment is on a Monday, canceling during business hours on the prior Monday provides 7 business days’ notice.

Portal Messages2019-06-10T01:42:17-05:00

Clarification of your plan and/or management of side effects associated with care are included in the cost of the consultation. Questions regarding subjects not discussed in your visit, complex in nature or that require a detailed response are billed at $50 per 15 min of the clinician’s time. Additional phone calls, not part of your plan, will also incur $50 per 15 min of the clinician’s time.

Email Policy2019-06-10T01:42:53-05:00

Email is not regarded as an ideal way to conduct medicine, or discuss emergency or urgent care. Therefore, we request that you contact the clinic or use the patient portal to schedule a time to meet with your doctor to discuss your health needs. If you would like to communicate via email, our clinic requests use of the patient portal in order to maintain your privacy. You may be asked to schedule an appointment depending on the nature of your email.

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