You’ve heard the stats before: Sugar is 8x more addicting than cocaine, and Americans today consume an average of 3 lbs. of sugar every WEEK. (Back in 1900, we ate 10 lbs. of sugar every YEAR). HOWEVER, no matter how much we know, WHY is sugar still so HARD to give up for some people? The answer goes beyond will power alone. If you’ve struggled with “fighting” your sweet tooth…here’s some encouragement to break your own sugar “rules.”
Sherry is an award-winning Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist, Food Philosopher. She was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food and the Co-Founder of the World Wellness Summit.  She has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and everyday folk like herself to transform the way they relate to food and their body.
Sherry is the founder and the creator of the Sweet Freedom Project – which includes a multi-media transformational platform dedicated to helping people get sugar-free naturally for life.