Diets, programs, supplements and lifestyle changes are a big piece of any “healing” or “body change” program. However, a BIG missing link rarely addressed in any cleanse or 30 day program is the role of faith and mindset…until now. Registered Dietitian Laura Schoenfeld shares how FEARLESS FAITH and looking to the Lord (instead of food rules)/. has been helping both her the the hundreds of women she serves see massive life change from the inside out.
​Laura Schoenfeld (SHOW-IN-FELD) is a Registered Dietitian, coach, and women’s health expert trained in Functional Medical nutrition therapy. Her passion is empowering women to nourish their bodies, develop true strength, and ultimately pursue their purpose. Laura guides her clients in identifying and implementing diet and lifestyle changes that allow them to live a healthy, fit, symptom-free life without being consumed by thoughts of food and exercise. She draws from a variety of sources to form her philosophy on nutrition, including ancestral diets, principles of biochemistry, current research, and clinical experience. Recognizing that health goes way beyond diet and exercise, she teaches her clients how to focus on and implement life-changing mental and spiritual health habits as well. Her greatest mission is to help women realize they are more than a body, so they can move past health obsession, and focus on pursuing the purpose they were created for. When she’s not educating and serving her coaching clients and community, Laura loves traveling with her husband, Sundays with her church family, hikes with her dog, beach trips, live music, and heavy weight training.