What was your favorite food as a kid? French fries? Honey Nut Cheerios? Ice cream? Pizza? Creator of the film “Fat Head Kids,” Tom Naughton, says he loved them all. In fact, his love for certain foods that contributed to his low self esteem and poor health as a kid is what inspired him to do something about it: Create a movie teaching kids about all the confusing information about food, fueling their growing bodies and being the BEST versions of themselves (inside and out). In this show, Tom shares the biggest MYTHS and TRUTHS in the kid food and diet industry, and helps us quiet the noise in the health and food world for kids.

Tom Naughton began his professional life as a writer and editor for Family Safety & Health magazine. In the many years since, he’s worked as a freelance writer, a touring standup comedian and a software programmer. Fat Head, his humorous documentary about the lousy health advice handed down from official sources, has been seen on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, as well as on television networks in several countries. His speeches and other health-related videos have been viewed by millions of people online. Tom now lives on a small hobby farm with one wife, two daughters, two dogs, one cat, and dozens of chickens.