What are the side effects of the pill? How do I practice natural birth control? Why am I gaining weight without trying? To eat carbs or no carbs? And beyond! All your hormone-related health questions answered today with functional medicine coach and women’s health expert Maria Claps. Let’s break some rules…


Maria Claps is a certified health coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and mom to 4 grown boys.
After receiving inadequate healthcare that did nothing to address her perimenopause problems, Maria enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in order to help herself. After that, Maria pursued several hormone-centric trainings including Dr. Sara Gottfried’s practitioner hormone training program,  the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program and she also trained with hormone scholar and scientist Dr. Lindsey Berkson.
Maria helps women all over the world with DUTCH testing, gut health improvement, and lifestyle coaching.
When she’s not facilitating her online community, Maria continues can be found at farmer’s markets or in the kitchen creating recipes.