You’re doing “all the things”–eating healthy, working out, drinking water, taking a probiotic, but for whatever reason, something is not working. You’re still bloated, constipated, foggy, fatigued, flabby, anxious and simply put, just don’t feel good.
What gives?! Registered Dietitian Laura Poe has an idea and is here to help you dig deeper (beyond probiotics) for busting through your own ceilings in your health and body.
Laura Poe, RD, LD is the dietitian at Viroqua Nutrition Counseling. She is a holistic nutrition counselor and traditional foods culinary instructor. Her treatments are based on the principles of traditional foods, including the Weston A. Price Foundation, and functional nutrition. Healing the gut, balancing hormones and focusing on nutrient-dense foods, along with functional exercise, are the pillars of true health upon which her practice stands. She uses an integrative approach, where natural remedies meets evidence-based practices to help create a picture of holistic health.