#ThriveLife Day 5: Do Something Out of Routine

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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Do something out of routine

I THRIVE off of routine.

  • 6 a.m. wake-ups.
  • Morning workouts.
  • The same routes on the streets I know.
  • My favorite coffee shops.
  • Chicken salad with my favorite avocado-oil mayo many days with lunch.
  • Working on my blog on Friday afternoons.
  • Sunday walks at Townlake.

Even though every day is different activity-wise, there are many things that stay the same.

And it’s comforting.

However, a couple of weeks ago, one of my days totally did not go as planned.

Do you ever have “one of those days”?

I sooooo did: Fender bender.


Backing out of my parking spot, the car approaching totally did not see me and ended up nicking my back rear bumper.


One of those days—it totally through me off…but it got me thinking…

What do we do when things don’t go as planned?

Typically, we complain about it. We moan. We groan. We get out of sorts because OUR routine and OUR schedule and OUR plans were totally hijacked.

But what is it like when WE are actually the driver’s of our day? And our attitudes and any changes we make?

What happens when we feel a healthy sense of control over postivie change?

I don’t know about you…but I feel pretty darned empowered.

Like when I choose to do something different—be it try a new dish at a restaurant (aside from the “usual”), or mix up my schedule by skipping my morning workout for a yoga class instead, or simply trying a new route (as per my GPS request to get me there faster)…

Usually these positive little tweaks or “something new” in my day, gives me a boost of gusto—like a breath of fresh air, to my otherwise, sometimes stale, routine.

Today your #thrivelife project is simple:

Do something out of routine.

Be it:

  • A new type of workout
  • A new hair style
  • A new dinner recipe
  • Calling in “hookey” to work (don’t tell them I told you)

The world is your oyster!

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