#ThriveLife Day 18: Spread Positivity

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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Spread Positivity

The Power of Positive Thinking is more than just the title of a book.

It works.

Often times, your mind is the only thing standing in the way of you reaching your goals.

Exhibit A: Squatting 190 lbs. (Almost at 200 lbs.).

My most recently tested 1-rep-max had been 185 lbs. for like…ever.

Sigh…. I guess I am always gonna be here.

I had come to terms with the fact that more than likely, 185 lbs. would be my home base—and I am okay with that (after all I am not going to the CrossFit Games here).

However, lately, I have been following a progressive squat cycle…and gaining strength each and every week.

Stepping up to the bar one morning to warm up, my “goal” as per my programming was to hit 101%-plus of my 1-rep max. In other words: Heavier than 185 lbs.

Each set got progressively heavier…and it came time to put 190 lbs. on the bar.

Legs shaking and quaking…I psyched myself up…telling myself, “This is gonna be heavy…”

Squatting down…it was, and I dropped it—I lost the bar and onto the floor it went.

Dang it! Back to the 185 lbs. club.

I recruited a big burly dude to curl the bar back up to the rack to take a little bit of weight off and try again. However…something in me told me to…try it again.

Stepping back up to the bar, this time, I told myself in my head: “It’s 180 lbs. on the bar. Piece of cake. No problem.”

Two seconds later, I had squatted down and bounded back up—no problem.

Power. Of. Positive. Thinking.


Have you ever accomplished something you didn’t think possible?

There is power in what we tell ourselves IS possible (hello “placebo effect”).

I often work with clients around this unstoppable power that both you (and I) have inside of us—particularly when it comes to thriving in your own health and life.

What is it you want? Who is ideal, thriving you? What life does she lead? What does that look like?

Get a clear picture of who healthy, thriving, vibrant YOU is—the girl that you “want” to be,” the life you want to have…the thriving you that you wonder: Is it possible?

Gain vision around who that girl is…and then…be her.

Embody her. Pretend you are her. (Even if you don’t feel like her).

Put your “thriving self” on—your own Super Woman cape…and pretend you are her.

And as you begin to do so…you begin to become her.

So as we think, therefore we become.

The same thing goes for POSITIVITY.

I am a glass as “half full” kinda girl…but we can’t be that all the time…

Some days are more filled with good, thriving, positive thoughts than others. But the cool part?

We have the power to determine whether we have those thoughts or not.

When we think more positive…energy attracts more energy: For MORE positivity.

Day 18 #thrivelife project: Spread positivity. In some form. Some way. Be it with yourself if you need it…or others. Just a little something-something of positivity for the world around you today.And feel that energy illuminate.

If you want a tangible way you can begin to think (and consequently ACT) more positive, you have to watch this TED Talk on the power of the “Power Pose” (a way of seeing yourself more strong and confident, and then embodying that confidence in the pose or body language you take—pretty cool stuff):

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