How to do what you love for work (Plus: Thrive’s New Home)

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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Welcome to Thrive Wellness & Recovery’s BRAND NEW HOME—A website that has been more than six months in the making and a huge labor of love…And a website that is dedicated to helping you do what you love.

It is finished.

Or rather, it is beginning.

After 3-weeks of abstaining from posting on my blog (as my new website was undergoing the final phase of a 6-month reconstruction)…


When I first started my website—Thrive—as a blog, nearly two years ago, I had NO IDEA the path that it would lead me down to today– a holistic nutrition, therapy and fitness practice rooted in theories from functional medicine.

A friend helped me make my first big splash in cyber world, setting up a Word Press site, and before I knew it, I was blogging about troublespots, like touching thighs, body image, and knowing your worth.

All of this while still juggling a laundry list of part-time jobs, trying to find my niche.

Fast forward two years later…and here I am.

Thanks to the wonderful website stylings of Miss Kayla “Rose” (check out her info here) and web developer Hope Connell, I am up ad running with new space for creativity, vision and growth!

Thrive is alive and well—and a reminder to myself of what happens when we listen to our gut, our head AND our heart…

Greatness unfolds.

Often times I am asked, “What do you do on a daily basis?”

To which I respond: I DO WHAT I LOVE!

Much of my time the past 6 months has been devoted to the development of some pretty awesome programs and services for you!

I am busting at the seems for all to come in the next months—several programs and projects that have been in the works, including:

Thrive Life
My signature 1:1 process that takes you from “just getting by,” settling or wishing for change to actually experiencing it. Over the course of 3 months we will work closely together around your goals for your health and life through Thrive’s simple 5-step process of getting to where you want to be.

The Bikini Mindset Program
A 30-day program unlike any other bikini-body program out there: All about getting the body you want with a MINDSET that is TWICE as stunning. Bikini Body gimmicks are a dime a dozen—but they often only leave you wanting more (that body is never fully attained), and craving more (approval, attention…carbs!). Over the course of 30 days, you will gain more confidence; peace with food, fitness and your body; strength (mental and physical) and lean muscle through BMP’s daily workouts, nutrition tips, mission emails and a nutrition blueprint. An ongoing subscription option will be available as well for those wanting to continue receiving a weekly workout plan, insider nutrition tips and weekly Thrive Projects for ongoing success. Also lookout for Bikini Mindset meet-ups and workouts in the Austin area, and an emerging Facebook Social group.


Fuel Program & Guide 
Ever gone on a diet or nutrition program, only to…go off of it? What happens after 30, 60, or 90 day programs? Often times, it’s “all or nothing.” Fuel is different in that you will learn how to develop lasting sustainability with food and “healthy eating” that lasts long after the program is over. Some 70% of people say they are “TRYING” to eat healthier at any given point in time, however what makes this so challenging? (The thought of eating cardboard? Sugar cravings get the best of you? Viewing healthy eating as a chore?). The 31 day Fuel Program & Guide will teach you how to “have your cake and eat it to,” learn how to listen to your body, eat intuitively and discover what exactly “80/20” looks like when it comes to “eating clean” and “cheating.” Eating healthy shouldn’t be about “eating perfect”—and Fuel will show you how to do just that. Available as a DIY self-guided program or customized 1:1 program.


Bible Study: BOLD.
In the works but it’s coming. In it we will be talking about praying specific prayers…and how God works when we choose to be BOLD.

College 101 Course: Surviving (& Thriving) During the Best Years of Your Life.
What I know now, that I wish I knew then (Back in college). A 12-week long online course partnering with girls, ages high-school seniors – college seniors on navigating college—outside the classroom. In it, we’ll talk healthy living, social life, party life, dating, friendships, budgeting, cooking delicious easy meals, nutrition, kick-butt workouts, hormonal balance, life skills, choosing a major, acing an interview, writing a winning resume, networking, entrepreneurship, happiness—and everything in between. A fast-track to success in college and beyond! Also an in-person group in Austin is coming soon.


The Book.
My book—the story that inspired it all (Thrive). This book has been a labor of love for many, many years and is the foundation upon which Thrive is built.

The Blog.
My baby. I love blogging and writing—always have and always will. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t skip a beat of all the fresh content coming your way. From Motivational Mondays, to Tip Tuesdays and Thursdays, Workout Wednesdays and Meal Prep Fridays—just in time for stocking up on your weekend grocery run. I also love sharing YOUR stories and the latest and greatest products, services and experiences within the health and wellness industry for Thrivers everywhere. If you know or have a great product, service or experience we should try (like the Surf class I went to in Austin!), I want to hear all about it! Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] to loop me in.

And so much more!
Some top secret projects are in the works…but a big project is coming to allow more people to experience holistic wellness approach: nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle.

Stay tuned.

(Phew! As you can see, lots of exciting-ness in the hopper).

P.S. Did you grab your FREE Thrive in Life Kickstart Guide?! (Sign up on the page)

KickstargraphicsIt will give you a little taste of what Thrive is all about.

Also, come hang with me on Social! Thrive’s inner circle is a community that is open to any girl or woman who is passionate about living a thriving life… keep up with the latest posts and community on Social at Instagram: @thrivewithlauryn and Facebook at Thrive With Lauryn or Thrive’s “Inner Circle”

Can’t wait to connect!

The bottom line?

Do what you love and love what you do.

Wondering what that PRACTICALLY looks like for you?

Whether you are in a job you hate, or an illness you feel stuck in, it means getting a clear vision for what it is you WANT and not giving up on the vision. It means living a life full of passion–rather than mediocre.

Be sure to check out my bonus “Thrive in Life Cheat Sheet” (when you download your Kickstart Guide) to STOP wishing for change and START EXPERIENCING IT.




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