What Happens When You Lose 10 lbs

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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When I just lose 10 lbs…

If I just lose 10 lbs. then everything will be great…”

Or, If only I had 10 more pounds of lean muscle, that would be great!

Or, I was so happy then (and I weighed about 10 lbs. less).

Any of those sound familiar?

Life would just be so much better IF we lost or gained that 10 pounds, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, theres a lot of noise telling us otherwiseso much so that weve even stopped questioning if we really need to lose 10 lbs. at all.

Health_Magazine_CoverIn our culture, that 10 lbs.is the one thing standing between us and successeverything else we want in our life.

Weight Watchers commercials play on repeatreminding us we can live fullyif we shape up and slim down.

Magazine covers in the grocery store check out line display the same storiesbut different cover modelsevery month, clad in bikinis, six packs, C-cup boobs and articles on how to Look Great Naked,get, Flat Abs Now!,and Drop 2 Dress Sizes.

Food products and menus boast gluten-free,” “high protein,and low calorie,reminding us that we should make wise choices if we want that body.

Every time we go to slip on our favorite pair of skinny jeans, or yoga pants, were reminded by that little voice in the back of our heads that we are not 100%  where we want to be.

Glancing at pics from your own days of old”—high school prom, college Rush, your wedding makes you think, If only I looked like that again10 lbs. ago.

And a look through your own Instagram feed today, comparing yourself to other beauties in the world of social media triggers an inner dissatisfactionwith yourself: I want to be that girl.

What does losing (or gaining) that 10 lbs. really mean to you?

Listen up.

You really dont want to lost those 10 lbs.

You want the FEELING of losing those 10 lbs.

That feeling of: Confidence. Radiance. (Seemingly) no care in the world. Peace with yourself (in your own skin). Health and balancein all areas of your lifenot just your body.

Really try to get into that head spaceof yours and figure out what that 10 lbs. really means for you?

If I was 10 lbs. (lighter/heavier), I would feel ________.

Or even, If I lost x-amount of body fat, then I would feel ________.

Pinpoint what it is you are really wanting.

If theres one thing Ive found in my own lifewhen it comes to the perfect weightor happiness with my own bodyit is that I find I am the happiest when I am focused on other things in my life.

Like other things are going better in my lifeoutside of just the health realm.

Sure, I am taking care of myself physicallynourishing my body (instead of fearing food so much), and moving in ways that bring me joy (not slavery)but outside of the kitchen and the gym.

  • I am connected with friends and community
  • I am praying and reflecting daily
  • I am seeing the world and new days full of opportunityrather than drudgery
  • I am pursuing things I love
  • I am using my voice moreand people pleasing ALOT less
  • I am making time for my favorite hobbies and crafts (like writing)
  • I am loving others wellseeking to genuinely be a change I wish to see in the world
  • I am stressing less
  • I am getting enough rest and able to focus and give my best work when I do work
  • I am not wasting hours on my social media

In other words: I am living life outside myself, and consequently, the less I focus so much on my body, the more my body goes to the place where it was meant to thrive!

The times Ive been happiest and most fulfilled in my outside life, my body has also followed suit.

As inactually feeling more amazing in my own skin than ever before.

As in, actually feeling good in my clothespicturesand in the gym.

As in, actually not worrying so much about my weight, or my food or my sizelike at all (and those thoughts used to dominate my mind or dictate my overall peace in life).

Its that whole mind-body connection thing.

Where the mind isthe body will follow.

You may or may not have experienced that peace in your own life with your body, but perhaps youve been going about it the wrong way”—by focusing first on your body to give you that feelingrather than vice versa.

Thrive With Lauryn

What would it be like to let your mind lead, and your body will follow?


Uncharted territory?

Absolutely NO idea?

Thrive Project

Reflect in a journal or bullet journal what feelingthat 10 lbs. from nowreally means to you. You can list it out or write out your connection to 10 lbs. (or 5 lbs., or less body fat).

Take Action

Identify at least 3 other things in your life that give you that feeling that you have been correlating your body size.

Do one of them todaybe it:

  • Paying it forward
  • Reaching out to connect with an old friend
  • Taking 30-60 minutes to just do you.
  • Sharing positivity with someone else today
  • Getting fresh air in nature
  • Unplugging from social media
  • Praying over your mind (and body) (Lord, I pray specifically you take me to the weight you want to be”—releasing it up takes a load off!)

You decide.


Letting your mind lead and your body follow can seem awkward at firstespecially if youve never done it before.

Try this exercise today.

Tell yourself 10-times I can hold a plank for 1-minuteor 3-minutes (or 5-minutes), etc.”—make it semi-challenging for you (Or, I can hold a weighted plank for 3-minutes,etc.).

I can hold a plank for x-minutes.

I can hold a plank for x-minutes.

I can hold a plank for x-minutes.

I can hold a plank for x-minutes.

I can hold a plank for x-minutes.

Now guess what youre gonna do

Hold that plank (or weighted plank) for x-minutes.

No sagging hips or downward dogs here. Straight up planks.

Arms underneath your shoulders.

Go team go!

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