You’re doing everything right to feel good and heal your gut.

  • You drink lots of water
  • Cut out gluten and dairy
  • Discovered eggs and tomatoes don’t sit well with you—so you avoid those too
  • You take a probiotic and occasionally drink some kombucha

Butttt, your gut health and digestion still give you trouble:

Bloating. Constipation. Gas. Skin breakouts. Seasonal allergies. Thyroid issues. Hormonal imbalances.

What gives?!

It seems like your damned if you do (eat well) or damned if you don’t.


Bad Digestion 101

I too have been on the struggle bus—after years of not treating my body well (processed foods as a kid, chronic dieting in my teens and early 20’s, forced large meal plans for healthy weight gain in eating disorder treatment, medications doctors prescribed, etc.), I NOW treat it well…but that darned “gut health” is a long time coming.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times before: 75% of Americans struggle with some sort of digestive issue every day—from constipation and bloating to “underlying” dysfunction (like autoimmune conditions, allergies, ADD/ADHD and pimples). And even though bloating, gas, constipation and zits seem like they are “normal”, guess what: They are not.

It was not until I went through nutrition school that I realized the power that good gut health has on our overall health and well-being…and I realized just how poor my gut health was.

Even though I have healed tremendously through some proper supplementation (probiotics, digestive enzymes) and understand more about what foods