Breaking Thin (Weight is Just a Number, but Health is So Much More.)

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Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTD, MS

Dr. Lauryn, OTD, MS is a doctor of occupational therapy, clinical nutritionists and functional medicine expert with 25 years of clinical and personal experience in healing from complex chronic health issues and helping others do the same.

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“Weight is just a number.” We hear it…but don’t believe it. For 14 years, I thought chasing thinness=happiness, and the number on a scale defined WHO I was.Guess what? Weight is JUST a number (and here’s how to feel more confident in your body, regardless of what the scale says). 

That was me. 5 years ago. Knowing I wasn’t healthy on the inside or outside…but telling myself I was (because of what my life looked like: “Trying to eat healthier, workout harder, watch my weight”, etc.). The pic on the right is me in a freakin’ bikini…something I never wore before because I was way too self-conscious. I took these pics recently for my new Bikini Mindset Program, launching this week…and even though I don’t think I’ll ever be “where I want to be” (hey, we always want to be “better” versions of ourselves right?)…I am right where I want to be…sooooo much happier and healthier  (from the inside out). 

This past week, Women’s Health recently posted a story about one fitness blogger’s personal fitness journey–similar to my own, in that, she, too, used to define her “health” and happiness by the number on the scale.

In the story, they pose: “Bet you can’t tell how much this girl weighs in each pic.” The truth? In her AFTER picture, she weighs nearly just as much as she did in her “BEFORE” picture…

The moral of the story? Weight is just a NUMBER!

Get It Through Your Head

Blogger Kelsey Wells posted this picture to Instagram last week, giving women everywhere another reason to THROW OUT THE SCALE.


Her photos revealed her “BEFORE” pic (on the left) at 145 pounds, post-partum from having her son…then one from her post-baby workout routine to 122 pounds (middle)…then her most recent (AFTER) photo (on the right) at 140 pounds.

Yes, weight is JUST a number.

Gaining 18 Pounds (of Health & Happiness)

Just like the number of people in front of you at Starbucks, the number of heart beats you count on your pulse at this point in time, or the number of times it takes to lick a Tootisie Pop to the center, numbers are simply characters—many of which we don’t bat two eyes at

  • Two people in front of you? Cool.
  • 70 heart beats per minute? Cool.
  • 56 licks to the center? Cool.
  • 145, or 122 or 140 lbs. on the scale? “OMG!!!!”, you cry. “NOT cool”, you say.

Listen up.

A number does NOT define you.

I guarantee you no one knows how much you weigh (unless of course you told them).

And moreover, I guarantee you no one cares how much you weigh (except you).

This blogger’s personal secret to feeling confident in her own skin?

Taking care of herself.

She went on to gain 18 lbs. of muscle in her process saying, “Screw the scale.”

You, my friend, CAN do the same.

Here are 3 Must-Do Moves for Your Workout Wednesday (for helping you do just that)

Lift Heavy Weights


Back away from the treadmill, 40-minute met-cons and P-90X body burn—at least for your workouts every day. Make your way to the weight room, or pick up some heavier dumbbells at home to start challenging those muscles of yours.

And mix it up. Even if you’re an experienced weight trainee, it can be easy to fall into a rut or plateau with your fitness—doing the same things, same reps, same weights and expecting different results.

Whether you’re in a plateau, or completely new to the weight room, consider consulting with a trusted coach or new training plan to put those muscles to the test.

(P.S. Afraid of bulking up? Check out this post on “Why Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky”).

Also if you’re looking for some direction, consider joining the Bikini Mindset Program—30 days for $30 of strength and conditioning workouts, non-diet holistic nutrition and daily mission emails, aimed at helping you get the body you want with a mindset that’s twice as stunning.After the 30-days is up, ongoing automated workout programming is available to participants to help you take the thought out of what to do in the gym and how to NOT plateau.



Eat Enough

Bird food (like dry salads, egg whites, rice cakes and 100-calorie snack-bag things) won’t get you far—except feeling sluggish and like you’re getting your own butt kicked in the gym.

(And the funny thing is: You think you’re exhausted after your workout because you worked extra hard…BUT REALLY your body is exhausted because it didn’t have enough FOOD and it feels like it got its butt kicked).

Eating “enough” may feel daunting or like you’re going against your body’s innate cues at first (especially if you’ve been under-eating), but there is POWER in getting ENOUGH fuel to fuel the fire and actually be FULLY PRESENT in your workouts (mind into muscle).

A balance of protein, healthy fats and veggies throughout the day…especially if working out is a REGULAR pastime.

What does eating “enough” look like for you?

Well I will tell you, for one, it means more than 1200-1500 calories if you’re a calorie counter…

As for individualizing your own “prescription, check out this post here to do some digging.

And, if you haven’t tried these before, you MUST! Finally a “convenient” protein bar with NO artificial ingredients, some energy boosting healthy fats, low sugar content (like 2 grams) and quality protein (collagen). (Plus, it tastes like a chocolate candy bar…too good to be true?!).



Stretch It Out

Part of a holistic fitness program involves stttttrrrrreeeeettttccccchiiiiinnnnngggggg your muscles and body in order to move better, get the most out of your workouts (form) and solidify “gainz” you’re working on in your own workouts.

“But stretching is sooooo boring!” Or, “I don’t have patience (or time or money) for yoga” you say.

Dude, I get it.

Not always at the top of my list in the gym—especially if I want to get “in and out” (like fast).

But recently, I’ve found, by incorporating some targeted warm-ups and stretching into my routine…whoa…night and day with the strength development, and overall maximized workout routine (not spending my first few sets feeling like my body is tight or still trying to warm up to the weight I slap on the bar).

My revelation?

ROM WOD! (Range of Motion Workout of the Day).


If you feel directionless with your stretching routine, or are “bad” about incorporating mobility into your daily self-care practice, you gotta try out the 7-Day FREE Trial here.

And of course, my favorite-ever $6 mobility tool (you can take anywhere):


Copy Of Yes! There Is An Answer! Copy 3


Here are four ways that I use my lacrosse ball to work wonders for my mobility:

  • Rear-delt (shoulder) Mobility. Lying on my back, I place the lacrosse ball on the “meat” of my shoulder blade, then bring my arm by my ear, and slowly move it towards my hip—up and down 10 times. Then switch sides.
  • Shoulder Mobility. Lying on my right side, I place the lacrosse ball on the “meat” of my side, about 2-3 inches under my arm pit, with my right arm extended up to my ear. Press into it, and feel a lot of tightness in your upperbody release. Switch sides.
  • Hip Flexor Mobility. Sitting on the ground, pin the lacrosse ball against your outer hip and slowly roll around that area. Extremely painful – extremely good.
  • Lower Back. With legs extended straight, lie on your back and place the ball on either side of your spine in the meat of your lower back. Move your knee on the same side towards your chest, then back down to extension (straight) 10 times.
  • Calves. Standing up, step on the lacrosse ball and spend two good minutes slowly rolling it around the bottom of your foot – pausing and pressing on the sensitive spots, of course.



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