My Story: Processed Food (Pop-Tarts)

My Story: Processed Food (Pop-Tarts)

My Story: Processed Food (Pop-Tarts)

“Eat it,” the nurse said.
On the 4th day of my first stay in the hospital to “treat” my eating disorder, I was served 4 Pop-Tarts, a carton of milk, orange juice, a hard boiled egg and banana on my breakfast tray, and told if I wanted “privileges” (like watching TV, seeing my parents, or writing in my journal), that I had to eat everything on my tray…

This was only the beginning of 15 more years—spent in and out of hospitals and treatment centers, being told:

“Lick the butter on the tray,” “Eat 3 slices of pizza and a milkshake,” “Choose a Twinkie or Ding Donng,” “If you don’t finish your plate, then you’re getting Boosted or tubed,”….

(Boost Shakes or the dreaded nose feeding tube were ALWAYS threatened if I was not compliant…so people pleaser me NEVER bucked the system)…

Sitting upright in my hospital bed, I slowly unwrapped the Pop-Tart wrappers, as Nurse Bertha watched closely and told me to “Eat it all” when I asked, “Are you sure…4?”… “Yes. All.”

20-minutes later, I needed to go to the bathroom immediately…

The nurse came to unlock my locked bathroom door—but not in enough time. I literally soiled myself.

My body couldn’t handle 4 Pop-Tarts at once, and I was SO embarrassed! At 11 years old, I felt like a prisoner in my own body, bloated, gassy and miserable all because I did what the doctors told me to do to “get better”…

I actually got a “parasite” in my gut the next week from all the new, processed foods at once. However, doctors only increased my meal plan more and told me my gut issues were something I’d have to “deal with” as “part of the recovery process”…

I spent 5 more weeks in the hospital, with similar instances, living from meal to meal, watching the clock tick by.

And in the midst of it all, it was during this time that I, ironically, found God…

Often times in life, trials force us to look up…eating 4 Pop-Tarts was a trial (of many to come), like none other I had experienced in my 11 years of life. I knew if I was going to “get over this,” I could not do it on my own.

Here’s to a revamped relationship with Pop-Tarts! Smiles on how peace (with my body, food, & MY GUT) has come full circle!


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