We live in a tech-driven world. Smart phones are almost as much of a necessity as water and food for humans…including you. But, at what cost? While we hear about the “negative effects” of technology addiction and overuse…what about every day use, and how do we have a healthy balanced relationship with our phones and social media? Science Journalist and author of “How to Break Up with Your Phone” Catherine Price knows, and she’s here to help us take back our health (iPhone in tow).
Catherine Price [CP1] is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author of How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life[CP2] Her work has been featured in The Best American Science Writing, The New York Times, Popular Science, The Washington Post Magazine and The LA Times, among many other publications. Please visit phonebreakup.com for free resources designed to help you change your relationship with your phone, including lock screen downloads, recommended books and apps, and a 30-day online challenge meant to accompany the book. To learn more about Catherine and her work, please visitcatherine-price.com
How to Break Up with Your Phone https://amzn.to/2K4F73w